Ay Caramba! We're Recruiting!

Caramba is looking for new members.

No level, gold or trophy requirements.

We’re a casual guild that has 16 active members and one that’s “Hard Core”. If you’re starting out and need a place to grow and level/power your kingdoms, we can help. Even if your long term goal is to be in one of the top ranked guilds, come grow with us and maybe you just might stay.

If you’re interested, leave a message along with your invite code. I work a full time job, so I’ll answer any questions and send invites after 4pm EST Mon thru Fri.

The other members that can send invites will monitor this thread and send invites as well.

Guild Info:
Guild Leader: Mambus
Rank: 640 and climbing quickly
Daily Bonus: 160% Elite2

Muchas gracias,

EternalElder, aka GMNI67

Hi, Maybe you would like to merge with our guild - Explorers? We’ve got 5 members and getting stronger every day.

Are you asking us to join your guild? If so, then that would be up to our Guild Leader Mambus. I’m just authorized to invite and promote.

If you’re asking to join us, all of you, then that I can do.

I would like to join the guild.
Invite code: EL PRIMO

@rogerthatprimo I sent the invitation! Welcome to the guild! :grinning:

Welcome to the guild. Got any friends that want to join?

thank you, unfortunately I don’t have any other friends that are playing

It’s been a couple days and I was wondering if anyone else is interested in joining?

ours invitations codes are : TECHNOTERROR
and: OPAR_1 ( if OPAR_1 wont work please try OPAR 1 because iam not sure if it supposed to be with LOW LINE )

just remember we come in 2 pack :slight_smile:

I’d like to join. Pretty new, but the game seems to be a lot of fun.

Invite code is HYTHLOTH


Invites have been sent to all three of you. Hope to see you soon.

Welcome Hythloth, Technoterror and Opar_1.

Updated our info and we’re still looking for more members.

Welcome Kami, Out For A Flying T, and Capula.

We are still looking for more members.

Hi, May I join?
Invitation code RODRIGO_35

Yes, you’re welcome to join. It says you’re already in a guild. You’ll have to leave that guild first.

Done! Waiting for the invite! Thanks!