Level 47 and 42 looking for guild

so me and my friend started playing a week ago, and we play a lot. we are noobs but we are willing to seek guidance from some guild members that are more experienced than we are. but most of all we are looking for guild that contributes toward progress. because right now only two of us are doing anything for this shitty guild. i did more for this guild with my friend than our guild master who is always offline and dont give a shit. so if anyone is interested please leave a responde.
p.s. as you can probably see english is not my native language. besides i’am not much of a talker. so if all above don’t bother you much i think we can all be friends :slight_smile:

Hi @technoterror

You’re (most likely) too new for me to be able to offer you a place in our guild but you may have more luck with your post if you include the normal information GM’s are looking for; namely:

  • Your level
  • Your average gold/seals/tasks per week donations
  • Your VIP level (some guilds don’t care about this, others do)
  • Your invite code

I wish you and your friend the best of luck and welcome to GoW! It’s a great game and a great community.

PS: Also, your English is just fine; I wouldn’t have known it wasn’t your native tongue if you hadn’t said so. :slight_smile:

DarkWarriors need more active people only a few continue. If you are interested just look in guilds and join us is open for the players. Both are welcome, and we are trying to recruit more players.

Dynasty is recruiting, currently a small band of 3 but we are active and want more active players. As newer players, it’s fine if you want to use your gold for kingdom development to start with. There is also no pressure to chat, but guild chat will be open if you have queries. Sounds like you’d fit in with us.

Caramba is recruiting as well. We’re a casual guild, but all of our members are active daily. Same as Dynasty, no requirements and no pressure. If you’re looking for a place to grow, PM me or leave a message in our recruitment thread.
Oh! I’m not chatty either, but I do ask and answer questions there.