Active member seeks active guild - PC

Hey there! o/

The guild I am in is very active and I love that aspect of it, however in the short 28 days that I’ve been in there we are already on our 2nd owner and the requirements keep changing.

I joined in the 1st place because the gold requirements were low for people who were still working on their kingdoms. Well that is now changed.

I don’t struggle to make the requirements however I’m not too keen on them changing all the time and for the fact that we are pretty limited to how we can level up our kingdoms. Seems rather counter productive if you ask me.

So I am looking for a guild that is willing to allow people who are still working on their kingdoms to not donate a crap ton of gold each week. I do about 600 trophies a week (give or take) . The requirements for my current guild is only 50 trophies, so I go above and beyond.

I participate in Guildwars, Invasion and raid boss. I get my seals to max generally about Wednesday.

I would like to find a guild where the majority if not all of the members participate in GW, Invasion & RB.

I’m currently level 453, none of my kingdoms are below 5 and I have about 10 or 11 that are at lvl 10.

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Currently we have room for you in RAR. But next time there’s a spot open in FTR I can move you up. There Requirements are due tomorrow. Lmk if you’re interested.

Sadly I wouldn’t be looking to move until after GuildWars is over. Don’t want to lose out on my rewards.

What is the gold requirements and do they vary for people who are still working on kingdoms?

(Also I’m really not hip with the lingo so if that was included in the blue part I’m sorry I missed it)

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Please select the link. Then go up to the top of the page. There you will see all the adverts for each of my 4 guilds. For FTR, you would be required to donate 200 Trophies since you’re still working on Kingdoms. (Instead of the gold Requirement)
They did 2 legendary tasks last week. Waiting until Sunday is fine.
Please join our discord if you intend to join FTR on Sunday.
(Discord isn’t required for FTR though)

Thanks so much, I went ahead and join the Discord. I am very interested in joining. I adverage about 600+ trophies a week so that should be no issue for me.

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Once to finish your Kingdoms you’ll be able to move up to GNR. They complete all guild events.