[Rank 39] SAMCRO is recruiting!

Please, join us!!

We needed the active members.

Come and enjoy the game !!

I’m looking for a more active place. Invite Code: ESOX

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Ok!! Invited

I’m looking new guild, my lvl 224

invite code: NIGHTMAARE

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Hey there!

I’m looking for an active guild too! It’s frustrating being in a guild with only three people buying into the guild (Sorry guys!). Still recruiting?

Ya!! Welcome.

Please give me your invite code!!

[Sory!! My english isn’t good!!]

The recruitment drive is going well, and we still have room for a few more active players. If your sitting in a guild where only one or two of you do all the heavy lifting, consider joining us and having us share the load.

It’s a no pressure environment, just come have some fun!

I’m active daily and don’t mind contributing, would love to join.

Invite Code: DJEVIK

The game is telling me the invite code DJEVIK doesn’t exist. Not sure if that’s a 1.0.7 issue, or just me misreading it. In lover case: djevik

i would like to join too.

Invite Code: ADERYN

Invite sent.


Can you recruiting me again?

Invite Code: WHO AM I?

I’ll put something in Chat, Wendell will need to kick an inactive player for you. So I’m sure he’ll get the invite out to you.

But, How long should I wait to get the invitation?

[Sorry!!my english is not good.]