#43 Kronos is recruiting [Open slots]


Rank 43 guild Kronos is looking for new members.
Weekly minimum 275k gold, 750 seals, 130 trophies.
Bigger contribution is expected, but minimum is a must.

Leave your invite code here or PM me.
Guild joining is currently unlocked from the guild menu. You can also join from there.


What platform brudda?


This is PC.

It seems that the topic is in the wrong place. If any mods see it, please move it to Guild Recruitment (PC)


Done sphinx! :wink:




i got the invitation and when i accepted it didn’t get me in i thnk the guild is full ? :))


It’s not full. I sent another invite. Maybe the game is bugging out.


We have still some room, good time to join. Fresh week.


We have room once again.

Join us via guild menu, send me your invite code or post your invite code here.


Still some spots open.


New slots have opened again.


Open slots again.


Once again we have free slots.


Open slots


Slots have opened up again.


Open slots


Open slots again.


We have room once again.


I can meet your reqs. Lvl 809 daily player. Invite code CREVOLUTION


We have room.