Recruit this! :p

So I gotta say it’s getting really really hard to recruit lately. You get immediately spammed, n snipped! You know who you are, lol

I just hope to find those like minded people that are either a) sick of being the only contributor and being surrounded by people that are rewarded for their hard (but so fun) work or b) in a guild where there is strict requirements each week, and a very job like vibe to it all (though I know some of you dig that sort of thing).

I’ve pulled together a group of people , from all ranks, that put up seriously huge numbers in cups and gold, but do it because it’s just how we play, not that anyone will persecute us for not meeting the “quota” for the week. Tasks go SO fast, and we’re climbing the leader boarboard quick its crazy. the funny part is that its just a result not a requirement or objective… If that makes sense. I know there are others like this out there looking for this type of guild and I’m hoping that they find this thread through the noise, lol.

Guild: Unrepentant
Available: 5 spots

I’m in invite code is DENKU