Mean Machine: Open recruitment, 1 spot available

Hi, I’m not normally involved in recruiting, but I just dropped into my guild and immediately noticed there’s a spot open.

Anyone interested in joining a fantastic guild with great leadership (@DonBoba) where we recently did well enough in Guild Wars to jump from Bracket 3 straight to Bracket 1?

Now’s your chance! Join now!

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Guess this message will self-destruct in two minutes now. lol

I’ll be away and really busy for the next half day, so if any of my fellow Meanies finally fill the open spot, please edit the topic title accordingly. THANKS.

Someone delete this thread, please. Sorry. Tooltips for editing this thread topic seem to be disabled on my screen.

I think only the devs can do that, and they might be a tad busy atm :S Maybe edit your title to reflect things are closed now? (or do you need a hand doing that too if that’s not working?)

Appreciate the info @Ozball. Well, since we do have one open spot now, I might as well leave it up and move this topic to Recruitment proper. It’s just not so urgent a priority at the moment.


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Oh, I just noticed. Happy Forum Birthday, @Ozball!

Enjoy your cakealicious day.

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Thanks, got my other one coming up Friday :wink: So much cake for me!


Double birthdays! Niiiiiiiiiice


Say @Ozball, you get a slice of :cake: for your Forum b-day…
but big boy @ogunther gets :birthday: cake.

That’s new to me. What’s the diff?

It’s my actual Bday today :slight_smile:



Have some ROOT BEER :beers: on me lol

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Happy birthday :tada: :birthday:


Oh happy day halleluja mate! :smiley:


Oh, happy bday mister tree :slight_smile:



Thanks! :smiley:


You guys had an amazing showing last week in bracket 3. Congrats on bracket one this week.

I hope Unrepentant gets to come up and join you soon. :slight_smile:

So how is it playing with the big boys @DonBoba?

You won’t be surprised to hear it but the short answer is: it’s tougher! We lost our first day by 3k points, when last week we won each day by 50k - 80k points. But we will push on :muscle:

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Like DD said, lost the war yesterday by just 3k points. Considering a member can do 6300 points, if we were full it would be our win.
But we don’t stress much about it. We are happy to be placed in rank 1 bracket, i expected we would jump only 1 up. But we had more points then any guild in bracket 2 last week so thats the cause probably.


Things are rough at the top … :grin: