KSHilde: Casual guild is recruiting

Casual Guild with only the requirement to stay active is now recruiting. We did over 200k in GW in week 3, and we typically do between 10K and 20K seals weekly. Over half the guild is very active. The rest come and go when they can. Please leave me a message if you want an invite.

Hey ahilde, spoke with my IRL friends and GF, sadly they not ready to move anywhere at moment unless its a different type of guild.

I am sorry to go back and forth so much but thanks for considerations, maybe one day and best of luck again, Ill always hold a soft spot for you guys :smiley:

:slight_smile: Any time you want to join us again, we are ready for you and your friends. I recruited RL friends too… many of the guild is that way.

Just come back here and let me know when you are ready to come over.

Oh, when you said your friends are interested in a “different type of guild,” what did you mean? What is it your friends are looking for?