Awards - Krystara Honors - Brain Storming

Denizen of Krystara,

I think it’s high time we have an annual celebration and recognition awards.
A bit like the american’s Oscars or Golden Globes.

First, we need to identify the categories (not your vote) I suggest:

  • Favorite 2015 Dev member
  • Favorite 2015 New Kingdom
  • Favorite 2015 New Troop
  • Worst 2015 New Troop
  • Best 2015 nerf
  • Favorite 2015 New feature
  • Most Hated 2015 team!

Second, we need a date, I suggest we unveil the result January 27th!
That gives us 3 weeks to fix the categories and gather the votes.

Third, we should have an external polling tool. Any suggestions?

What say you?


1: Sirrian
2. Darkstone
3. Celestasia
4. Dokkalfar (it is a discussion on its on why he is so ridiculously bad)
5. Skulls no longer 1 shot all 4 troops in one second (skull glitch), now it takes 4 seconds (true shot + skull spawner).
6. Tributes (for the reason of tacking tribute, going on forums to post for an hour, then coming back to still get something, lol)
7. Goblins, da.

  1. Sirrian because he is the one I see the most

  2. For the story? The troops? The lore?
    Story => Grosh Nak was funny
    Troops => Wasn’t Stormheim added during 2015? Valkyrie sure makes it first if it is
    Lore => Darkstone. Corrupted island with clandestine battles and black market? I like that, too bad the story revolved around a captured Dragon…

  3. Valkyrie, because soul farming is life, soul farming is love

  4. Dokkalfar… Summonned spider is weak, uses the same mana color as he does, and his spell is only strong when you loose your first unit… I can’t see any possible combos worth mentionning playing him (and only one NOT worth mentionning, Dokkalfar / Black Beast, just for the glory of Satan)

  5. As tacet said. I loved using Keeper Of Soul with Sylvasi to just one shot an entire team…

  6. Tributes, with everything they built around it (kingdom level an power level)

  7. Skeleton based teams

@Tacet, @Zelarith… Thanks, but I don’t want your votes… Not yet.

I want to define the categories, then we’ll do votes. Secret votes!


  • Favorite weekly/bi-weekly event
  • Favorite major update (1.0.6 - 1.0.8)
  • Favorite hero weapon
  • Favorite team
  • Most hated trait

Also, I don’t quite see how you can do categories for some, such as “most hated team” for there are so many variants.

For some categories, we make it a pre-defined multiple choices.

Yeah, like ‘all-Goblin team’ and ‘too many Skeletons (more than one)’. :stuck_out_tongue:

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‘Most hated team’ could just as well be called ‘Most loved team’, it just depends if you use it or face it. Same thing for traits.

Maybe it should be called ‘Most controversial team’ or something along these lines?

I could see that being fine for teams; though, traits would likely need a separation between favorite and most hated. My favorite trait is all the mana linking ones due to the new synergy it allows with teams. My most hated would be a tie between True Shot and 90% Evasion. :stuck_out_tongue: Oddly enough, several troops have both making it hard to tell which one of the two I hate more. xD

My argument still stands. The only reason you would hate those traits is because you encounter them often enough to care - which means that your vote for ‘most hated trait’ is also a vote for ‘most favored by others trait’.

to get my point better, compare with the suggested troop categories: ‘Favorite Troop’ would just mean that the troop is good and useful, it doesn’t matter if the troop is on the enemy team and giving you trouble - that just proves how useful it is. Then the opposite ‘Worst Troop’ means a troop that is useless and no one is likely to use it. There is no ‘Hated troop’ category - because that would be the same as Favorite, the most useful troop - just in the hand of your opponent.

By the way, I love True Shot. There’s nothing more satisfying than True-One-Shotting the enemy’s True Shot on the first turn.

I suggest: Favorite Troop Art or Design (or both)

Not sure about the favourite Dev category, I think we all know Sirrian will win that one :smirk:

I hate True Shot, but plan to run it. Because as it stands, it is well above the power curve with kingdom bonuses and skull creators. So trying to argue everyone that runs a troop with a trait enjoy is, is not correct.

So everyone hates my favorite trait. Great.

Bus seriously, if you don’t even use that trait yet, how can you be an example for anything? That is just the same classic case of hating something powerful that only the opponent has. Who knows, maybe after you start using it, it will be your most favorite trait ever…

Also, If you feel like you’re forced to use a trait you hate, that’s kind of sad IMO. I know at least I’m not going to use a troop or trait I hate for any similar reason, and I’d like to believe I’m not the only one to think like that.

Nope, CrowdedWorlds-senpai is best.

I don’t know, @Nimhain, there’s only one dev who treats us to new troop teasers in her icon…

I suggest:

  • Most versatile troop
  • Most versatile hero weapon
  • Most interesting kingdom story arc
  • Best hair: troop edition
  • Best hair: forum icon edition
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I like this one… :slight_smile:

I’m a shoe-in for this one! :tosses leaves over shoulder: :kissing_heart:

I suggest a ‘Best Sound Effect’ category…and second @Nimhain’s suggestion of best artwork/design graphic.

Could be a sound when casting (KoS, Banshee), sound when being defeated (Blast Cannon), opening scores, trait sound or simply the sound of money, key or map dropping…

@yonizaf I’m with you. I think True Shot is a fantastic trait. It makes invasion fast and efficient. I used it briefly on my defense team just to see what would happen, but I don’t use it there any more and won’t again. I don’t want to win every defense battle because I like doing revenges (not that I won every defense battle, anyway).

True Shot can be fought effectively. Characters with that trait are not immune to spell damage of any kind that I know of, and it seems to me that skull matches caused by a spell (such as by Skeleton or Sheggra) are more likely to get through than regular on the board matches. I don’t think this trait needs to be near fed at all. And when some of you start fighting fully traited dragon teams, etc., you will be grateful for a trait that does that much damage because it will be the only way you will survive.

Edit: Sorry for the mostly off topic post, but I really felt yonizaf deserved some support.