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Adana guild event appreciation thread

What is not to like here.
It gets us all innovative in our team builds, trying new builds all the time!
It gets us all talking together & sharing our love for the fight choices! It really brings the community together, everybody sharing their fun experiences and joyful moments!

I mean, what is not to like about a troop that does true damage to random ~same~ target 3 times in row & kills it… or 2 troops together that happily destroy your troops…

Or having a wild and varied choice in teams to fight against…

I even once had a choice of Dracos, Dracos, Dracos and Dracos!

There are so many things to like here! <3


Just now, slow ass build but had barrier on all troops.

Yet still that troop insta killed one of my troops. (It’s able to do lethal damage, thanked in part due to my end gamer armor amount. At the high Mana cost of 13. :roll_eyes:)
Which made catch the fact that yeah, no matter what we do… The designers new purpose seems to be to troll the players and see how much revenue they can make while shrinking the player base as much as they can… aggressively.


i changed my weapon and team lineup to a summoning one because of p4-nth4 …

btw i still dont hate the event, i think it’s challenging, but what i dislike about the event is the non scaling points…

maybe some new players will dislike the event as they dont have adequate troop/weapon to make a good team.


I agree with you. The event is incredibly well made and I like everything about it. I want to show my gratitude and even my admiration to those that spent their precious time coming up with this brilliant setup. As I type this I am sitting on my knees just to show my endless appreciation and to give my words just that little bit more strength. If only all events were this good every week. It gives me a feeling of immense pride to be able to be a part of this great journey through the Adana kingdom.

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I fear that this thread will be cited by Salty in the future as she tells people “some players really enjoyed the event!”. 🤦

Zero nuance.


Wait, does it count as good event design if this one has artificial difficulty?

I’m actually not having any trouble with this one. But then, my stats are super high. And I have the Doomed Weapon.

I think the big issue with the World Events is that you need the rewards to progress effectively. That means, you need a full guild, all playing every day.

In contrast, my alt ends up using 2-3 Sigils per battle by level 100, with only 2 Badges, at most.


I’m happy, that the devs finally found a use for this! :wink: grafik|690x388

At somewhat higher levels (~150), Tina is a death machine. If she gets full mana, it’s basically over.

Awful and ridiculous event. The troops and weapons are too restricted - or the medal that boosts skull damage is ridiculous.
At higher level you will need Jotnar and/or sentinel to survive the damage - that and luck because P4-NTH4/DRACOS 1337 can still kill you.

I think it is funny to make teams and use troops I rarely use… But when an event’s success is reduced to having a certain weapon or certain 1 or 2 troops, then the fun is GONE.

We considered not participating in a similar event as the first World Event this year, but we were way too optimistic. We actually thought that the devs didn’t launch a similar event - at least not this soon. NOW we have learned the lesson and will closely monitor medals and restrictions. And a similar event will completely be skipped.


Wild shot:
This event is made that way to make an artificial celling for high-end players. This way it enforces more people in guild to be active for everyone to get all rewards. Also makes getting on ladderboard more… challenging ? (not sure, i’ve never went for ladderboards, but found myself on class event ones some time ago… :laughing: )

I am not a fan of mismatched medals, however, I do have to scratch my head a bit at just how much people are struggling. I am in the top 100 on leaderboards. The only other time this happened without buying tier 7 is the other recent event wih skull medals and no skull troops.

Here is the team I use in case it helps anyone: [6035,6372,6874,1311,3024,3,2,2,2,3,0,0,14013] Blade Dancer, King Mikhail, Tartarus, and String of Teeth. Strategy is to use Blade Dancer at the beginning to do massive damage. Soon he will be weak so eh, let him die. Use your weapon to summon a replacement. King Mikhail is a mana generator. Tartarus does scaling damage. Only cast your weapon to summon a replacement.

Earlier in the event I instead used Tartarus, Desert Worm, Kobloid, String of Teeth. The focus here is to use Kobloid to make skulls, and use your weapon to summon a replacement if someone dies. Eventually as the fights get harder, Tartarus does more damage than skulls, hence the team change.

Most world events are faceroll easy at end game, so I enjoy the harder events. Not all events have to be easy for low levels. Personally, I would like to not have medals at all, or have them do something entirely different like cast storm. I wonder if people would still be upset if the event was just as difficult but the medals didn’t awkwardly clash.


You’re in the top 100 because you and 99 others are willing to spend that many gems and time on this garbage event thus possibly enabling the devs.

It’s not rocket science. The more gems you spend, the less you struggle.
My philosophy is, the more gems I spend, should result in more enjoyment/rewards. Not just to override poor design and desire to bleed folks of money while bragging how profitable they are on a weekly basis at the same time. There’s still a pandemic going on. Video games are still supposed to be a refuge. While most households are struggling financially. Yet 505 Games just wants more more more and gives less less less.


I think you missed my next sentence where I said this is only the second time this has happened without buying tier 7.

Then do not equip any medals, that way you are choosing your own difficulty.

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If you bought Tier 6 (thanks to tokens) you’re having an easier time than someone who bought Tier 5 (less tokens).
You said you don’t understand how people are struggling. I’m trying to help you understand why you’re struggling less.

Of course buying more tiers makes an event easier. Of course I will struggle less than someone buying fewer tiers than me. :woman_facepalming: I am saying that I am not struggling as much as other people buying the same number or more tiers than me, whereas for other events they may do better.

I will take all the advantages I can get. I just think if the medals were reworked, then even with the same difficulty people would be less frustrated. Clearly, people are not happy with the event medals as is.

Based on what data?

Based on that I often buy tier 6 and never make it to leaderboards and now I am. This has only happened twice: right now, and the last infamous event that had skull medals but no skull troops.

Not sure if you read my first comment you quoted or are being purposely obtuse, but this is the last comment I make rewording the same comment. No one wants to hear us bicker.

What… Makes… You think they are struggling more than you are? Or have bought more tiers than you and aren’t on the leaderboards?

(I’m not trying to bicker with you, just trying to understand your thought process.)

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