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Just showing love

This post is just to show love to the developers on their latest troop.


Thanks for doing something new without making any new mechanics. His 3rd trait is tons of funs to use, all because it stacks. When Magnus is paired with loop troops he becomes very powerful and unique. I have never been a fan of the (Night) Hag’s, as I have always felt that their spell was underpowered, but when you put their spell as a trait AND make it stackable… Yes, just yes.

I think this may become a troop I see a lot of in future PVPs because you can get creative with him while still being effective. What do you guys think, am I overrating Magnus or is he actually fun/good?


It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re overrating him - if you’re enjoying him, then he’s a win for you!


I sort of talked about him in another thread without knowing this one was here. I think a lot of people are going to be down on Magnus but I think the kind of role it plays is fun.

What people WANT is something very reliable. They’re going to point to Mab or Khorvash or Kraken and say they like “knowing what they’re going to get” for every 4 or 5 match. They don’t like that Magnus picks one of many status effects, some less good than others, and they don’t like that the potentially useless effect picks a random troop.

But that randomness is part of what makes Magnus a really nice troop, especially for players that aren’t quite close to the endgame yet. He varies wildly between “overpowered” and “useless” depending on how the dice rolls treat you. On average, he’s pretty good, and if you can use troops that generate gems/otherwise create big matches, he’s a really good force multiplier. For people without a lot of legendaries/mythics, this means he might make you able to win things you otherwise couldn’t.

So I think a ton of competitive players won’t pay him any notice, but I also think he’s going to be a lot of people’s favorite troop. I can imagine plenty of future troops synergizing well with him. A+ design, even if the troop itself usually behaves at a C or B level.


You make a lot of good points. In end-game, the majority of teams have at least one, usually more impervious/fortitude/undying troops which makes him a little less viable for scaling purposes. Magnus is Impervious himself which gives also gives him a boost though.

The main reason I find him fun, as stated above, is that his trait stacks. While I understand most other match 4/5 traits are more reliable, they cannot have a stacking effect (besides Kraken) because there is nothing to stack when it’s the same effect every time. If I can freeze, web, burn, and fiery fire the same enemy, I will have a big smile on my face. Every single game with him will be different which makes him intriguing to me.


Also enjoying Magnus. He’s way too unreliable for GW, but a lot of fun in PvP.

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This double Magnus team was fun to mess around with earlier this week.

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I love my Magnus! :heart:

He makes the matches so much more fun because it’s harder to guess how it’s going to go ahead of time. A single random death mark or freeze can change the game. And I used him in GW (bracket 3), winning all matches, so he’s not that useless :wink:


Its not yours, its everyone’s. :wink:

Not mine, yet.

I’ve built two brilliant teams with magnus and used one in gw. i really like him.