Interesting thought - Weekly buffs and the watching complaints

I for one like the weekly buff teams

For one - it really is amazing to see what comes out when people take these troops and put them together to use.

More entertaining is the number of complaints people have with the temp buffs. - I think that’s whats silly.

Complain about Kerbx2+Forest Guardian showing up over and over in Guild wars, well part of the weekly was to give a flavor into PVP/GW and it is doing that…

This week I have fought more Orc/Cyclops/Fel’Dras/Gar’ Nok and it was much more strategy based fight.

Week before we had Astral and her sisters, which I realized she’s a pretty impressive troop without the buffs and added her to my yellow team.

Yes - the week of the buff X is going to show how badass the troop could be, but it also demonstrates how you can actually use it in every day play.


On console we got daily tasks i really like it cause sometime you play with some team you would never try and sometime you got nice surprise.

If they can add it to pc i think you guys would enjoy it


I love the weekly buffs in PvP and chasing down snots. It creates a little bit of variety. Plus I like free stuff, who don’t.

I don’t like buffed troops in gw though. Lol, that’s what Guild Sentinels are for. :smirk:

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I don’t believe Defense teams get Sentinel bonuses. Which is where I have been seeing the teams.

Hmmmm weird