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The elephant in the room......princess fizzbang

Look, I’ve never started a new thread, but with red day coming upon us , I’ve realized I have no good way to win. I’m at best 60-70% with an orc based team.

I understand that when developing you considered counters to their ability. I’ve figured out every other day, but without infernus (or another mythic) my chances aren’t the best. When top guilds seriously say “look, you may want to use an off color team…”. That means, and I hope it’s meant as constructively but fizzlesruff needs to make like pop rocks. Fun at first but makes your stomach hurt afterwards

Pretty sure she can only be an “elephant in the room” if nobody’s talking about her. About half the threads this week have been about that troop.

I have no doubt that corrective action will be taken; she is too far ahead of the power curve to be left alone. I only hope that when she is inevitably adjusted, that she (a) remains strong enough to play at a competitive level and (b) retains enough of her current “magic” to feel fun. Like others have mentioned, too heavy a hand and she’ll fade into obscurity with the other 300 troops nobody ever uses.


you hit the nail on the head and threw the board

We are working on her at the moment.


Praise be.


Please don’t do to much to her.
I have had a blast this week. I play on mobile only between 4xspeed and goblins it has been a super fun week




Thank you thank you. Love this

I say give her the BD treatment and be done with her. :joy: :hugs:

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Was she beta tested by the designated beta-testers prior to release?


I’m sure she was but maybe not for color specific. Urska wanderer freezes but that’s really really hard to plan.

As a guild who doesn’t take GW as “seriously” as a lot of other guilds, itnwould be great to fizzbang your way to the trophy “top”. She’s a blast but her team means nothing without monocolor.

She’s fun to play and every time I turn around people want to take the fun away from the game. Its a bonus week we haven’t even seen it it will be played much at all during a non bonus week.

Does it really always have to come down to GW every single change and amendment should not revolve around one aspect of gameplay.


Sure, go ahead, nerf the goblins again…
Those green little creatures always get the blaim.

I am enjoying playing with a goblin team very much right now, just fyi, not everybody would like to see a nerf coming.


It’s an exploder with an extra turn.
Should not exist.
Every exploder , from Dragon Soul to Ragnarok, or Gorgotha or even Skullbeard, are super effective at filling out your mana.
But they have one drawback: you risk handing your opponent a good board.

The extra turn removes the risk from the explosion.
No drawback!


there you go. enjoy fizzbang while it last!

disclaimer: it has nothing to do with excessive amount of 4-5 matches appear on the board, or how they got their mana filled by these, not the explosions, or how mab can manage to cast with extra turn while in goblin team without having blue spawner or transformer.

Please devs don’t take away my easy win button. Please devs I have never ever had so much fun closing my eyes and hitting fizzbangs easy win button.
:joy: :roll_eyes: :kissing_heart:


Adjust Wisp first, that is the elephant in the room.


Well this is just great… I knew this was coming and yet it is still disappointing.

But whatever… I guess i will no longer be forced to endure complaints about goblins

Hell why dont we nerf famine some more while we are at it?

You’re kidding, right? Princess Frizz is so OP that even my 6-year old would’ve picked up on it if there had been any test whatsoever.

With some of the troops that come out (like Wisp and Princess Frizz for example) I’m getting the feeling more and more that no testing prior to release takes place…