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Awaiting those 2.0 previews

Who else is eagerly awaiting 2.0 previews to start? :slight_smile:
Mostly because it will mean that 2.0 is coming very close, and by all the devs have said i think it really will be coming soon.


personally, not ready. Havent saved up any keys or glory.

I really want to see how PvP is going to change. I’m hoping it won’t change to the point where it sucks the life out of people, where you need to play a ton just to keep up. I know I play more than the average player, but I’m no where near the number of matches the top players are playing.

I tend to guess 1.5 months from when they hit those deadlines. This is just one of those wild guesses, but after the deadlines it always seems longer until the patch hits then I expect.

Isn’t Nimhain’s avatar good enough for a preview? :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope they add a seasonal league system for PvP based on trophy gains and losses. This will also make matchmaking a lot more scaled since it will pair ridiculously high trophy earners with other high earners. That will make winning AI defend wins better by gaining the other player’s lost trophy. My current defend team is around 11:0. A lot of games do the whole league thing in order to manage matchmaking since it will keep mid ranged players at a lower win rate in order to divide early game, mid game, and late game. Right now with rank 1 PvP, essentially all of it is in 1 category. This is most obvious on Mondays with reset days.

Two things:

(1) the seasonal ladder seems like it’s been in the works for a while, given the PVP screen as of 1.0.9.
(2) I skip your defend team because it would be a hassle to beat; for almost as much gold I can invade a player with less irritating troops. I do the same to @dhjl these days, and a couple of others. Hopefully when PVP gets reworked they’ll reduce the perverse incentives currently in place for defending.

Someone needs to make another hype-train thread…