2.0 Will Be Arriving Shortly


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The wait is over, Patch 2.0 has landed! Get all the details of what’s new and what’s changed below!

PVP Rework * The PVP Menu now has 6 new menus, Ranked, Casual, Stats, Defense, Battle Log and Leaderboard. * Ranked:
  • ~ Allows you choose between 3 opponents to earn points for rankings in the weekly event.
  • ~ Ranked is played at normal difficulty with the Combo-breaker turned off.
* Casual:
  • ~ Allows you choose between 3 opponents for a fun battle that does not affect PvP points or ranking.
  • ~ Casual is played at your currently-selected difficulty.
  • ~ Casual battles have a slightly reduced reward compared to Ranked battles.
* Stats shows various stats for your PvP Career including:
  • ~ Current Tier and rewards for each Tier.
  • ~ Current Rank and rewards for with week’s event.
  • ~ Current Wins and Losses for Invades and Defenses.
  • ~ Favorite Troop for invading.
  • ~ Most Invaded Kingdom.
* The old Rank system is still around as the new Tier system (we've just renamed it, since "Rank" now applies to your position on the PvP Ladder). * Tier Rewards can be collected once when you’ve reached a new tier level. * Rank Rewards given at the end of an event are based on what rank you were when the event ended. * Defense menu works the same as before, but now displays the current progress for successful defense rewards. * Battle Log displays all of your recent battles (invades and defenses), whether you won or lost, and how long ago the battle was. * Leaderboards show both your current rank as well as the top 100 players in the current weekly event.
Summoning Improvements * Summoning is no longer limited to a cap of level 15 for troops. * Summoned troops are now limited by what level you have raised that troop to. * Summoned troops now gain any team bonuses earned at the start of battle (from Troop type or Kingdom bonuses). * Summoned troops come in with any trait you have unlocked on the troop. * Summoning changes do not apply to Arena.
Hero Profiles * We’ve added a new social feature to the game: Hero Profiles. * Hero Profiles allow you to view various information about another player in the game. * You are able to use the Hero Profile to invite players to your guild or play in a friendly battle. * Friendly battles do not give out rewards. * You can access the new Hero Profile menu by tapping on a player’s name in chat or viewing it in the PVP Menus (either from the Leaderboard or Battle Log menus).
New Kingdom * Glacial Peaks has appeared on the map to unlock. * New troops (including 2 new legendary troops) have been added to chests. * Glacial Peaks introduces a new spell mechanic: Mana Burn
  • ~ Mana Burn deals damage to an enemy based on the enemy’s current mana.
  • ~ Mana Burn does not drain Mana from the enemy.
VIP Chests * VIP Chests have had some improvements:
  • ~ If you draw an epic card, you will gain 2 epic cards insteadd.
  • ~ If you draw a traitstone you gain 2 traitstones instead.
  • ~ VIP Chests now also rewards 2000 gold for every chest you open.
Mythic Troops * Mythic troops are super rare troops that can drop from Glory, Gem, and VIP chests. * Mythic troops are the only troops with triple Mana colors. * Like Legendaries they have a unique 3rd Trait. * New Mythic Troop- War- has been added to chests.
Treasure Hunt * Red Chests no longer reward Gold * Vaults no longer reward Gold and Souls
General * Claim All button has been added to the Mail menu, allows you to claim all rewards from mail at once. * Victory and Defeat Menus has had a visual rework, and now display rewards from battles similar to Treasure Hunt mini game. * Increased security to reduce amount of hacking with the new PvP changes. * Mechanist Class’ legendary trait, Clockwork, has been added to the class. * You can now opt out of Global Chat but still be part of Guild Chat.
Troop Balance Infernal King * Immortal trait chance has been reduced from 30% to 25%


  • Mana cost has been reduced from 14 to 12
Troop Refunds * Infernal King is available for refund for 1 week.
Major Bug Fixes * Game no longer crashes when casting Soothsayer’s spell when there are no purple gems on the board. * Frenzy should no longer activate multiple times from damage. * Game should no longer end when a Troop is summoned from final troop’s Trait (such as Daemonic Pact). * On Hit Traits (Such a Great Maw’s Hunger) should not trigger on multiple troops with large skull cascades. * Hero Class Troop types should now be working correctly. Hero should now gain benefits/weaknesses from troop type spells/ bonuses. * Watcher’s Mana drain on status effect now applies to Frozen, Disease and Death Mark. * AOE Damage will now pop Barrier. * We believe we have addressed the main cause of Dust Devil crashing after casting his spell. * Fixed Mist Stalker’s spell so he should be dealing poison as intended. * Hero Class Magic bonuses should no longer apply in the Arena.
Known Issues * Gem Mastery bonus from Hero Classes is not included/ displayed on the Gem Mastery Overview screen in the Hero menu. * AI troops with Blessed and Curse are not activating correctly.

Bug with Dust Devil move "Dervish"
The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread Part 1 (Closed)
2.0 Known Issues
Combo Breaker needs to be fixed before 2.0
2.0 Known Issues

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My comments about some things we didn’t know until now.

Oh no… Immortal King is a thing now.

The builds with this should be interesting.

Treant - Alchemist - Valkyrie - Banshee

Still OP. Also, we’ll find something else to break. Don’t you worry. :wink:


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I think the Banshee cost reduction makes sense. She’s much closer to Drake Rider now as a result.

Also, only 5% reduction for Immortal? That’s not nearly as big a nerf as I had expected.


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Yeah, that is very scary. I better not see 3x Infernal King + Mercy…


So do they not appear in Event chests?


I cry for my great maw. :wink: it was good while it lasted.


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Maw is still extremely powerful. Cry later, when it gets nerfed proper-like.


True. It’s a beautiful card.


Valkyrie will come up SO often!