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Make sure Ozball is prepared for his
I wasn’t involved in…
I can’t talk about.

And make sure Ozball talks about behind the scenes server stuff too, because some people like to hear the nerd talk behind how it all works.

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Hmm. Maybe Salty & company should have their plexiglas shields up in addition to their masks. . . :thinking:


Surgical masks or Halloween masks? :wink:

It’s almost time…




5.0 Update Preview Stream Notes

Credit: @Redi1 for the stream screen captures.

Stream has completed. Please free to call out errors or any significant omissions for correction.

This update, as a major update, contains changes that many will find controversial. Please create new threads to discuss these changes to better focus discussion and feedback on each of these changes. Thank you for your understanding.

A Recap of Past Major Updates to Gems of War

5.0 is a major update to GoW. Major updates have historically brought significant changes to how the game is played. As a small trip down memory lane, here are the previous major numbered updates, as they occurred in the game and their associated threads.

  • Update 2.0 [May 2016] (Ranked PvP and Mythic troops added to game)
  • Update 3.0 [March 2017] (Guild Wars)
  • Update 4.0 [September 2018] (The Underworld)

And now Lords and Ladies of Krystara, after nearly two years of waiting, the next major gameplay release is now imminently upon us.

Without further ado,

Update 5.0 [July 2020] (Campaigns)


  • Moves the story of Krystara forward.
  • Each campaign runs for 10 weeks in length, in 10 weekly chapters.
  • Each week’s content does NOT need to be cleared in that week, but all campaign content will expire at the end of the campaign.
  • Each week’s Chapter has lore explaining the content of that Chapter (Written by Sirrian?)


  • Each campaign has an Artifact that can be leveled up by progressing the campaign.

  • Each Artifact has 10 potential power levels.

  • Artifacts apply GLOBAL stats to ALL game modes, except Arena, for the duration of the campaign.

  • A new lore section unlocks for each Artifact level-up.

  • Artifact level-up progress can be viewed on the Artifact tab on the Campaign screen.

  • Each Artifact expires at the end of each campaign.

  • All lore sections are unlocked at the end of the campaign.


  • There are 16 tasks per Chapter/Week to level up the Artifact, that award stars when completed:
    – 2 Gold at 15 stars per task
    – 4 Silver at 10 stars per task
    – 10 Bronze at 3 stars per task.

  • 100 total stars earnable per week, 1000 per campaign. All 1000 stars are needed to max the Artifact.

All tasks are the same for all players each week.
Tasks can be for almost any activity in the game, including Treasure Hunting.
Some tasks will become more difficult in later chapters (Explores, Delves).

Tasks can be skipped (and completed) for a gem cost (Bronze: 50, Silver: 100, Gold 150).

Campaign Passes

  • Everyone gets the Free Pass to earn campaign rewards.
  • The Free Pass can be upgraded to the Elite or Elite+ for real money transactions.
  • Elite Pass Upgrade = $10 USD
  • Elite+ Pass Upgrade = $25 USD (or $15 upgrade from Elite Pass)
  • The Elite+ Pass Upgrade can be purchased at any time in the Campaign and will automatically award all past rewards that would have been unlocked had the Elite+ Pass been purchased from the start of the Campaign.


  • Elite Pass offers a 2nd reward track in conjunction with free rewards.
  • Elite+ Pass offers 20 bonus stars per week (for a max of 1200 instead of 1000) for the Campaign. Extra rewards are available between stars 1000 and 1200 for Elite+ passholders.

New mythic shown in the Elite track. WIll be available in Soulforge in normal rotations after 4 week exclusive period after the campaign ends.

Kingdom Specific Weapons

  • For new players, when unlocking a new kingdom, there is now a special weapon offer to assist these players.
  • These weapons are at Epic power levels.
  • The offer exists until the kingdom’s questline is completed.
  • Once completed, the weapon is craftable in the Soulforge on that kingdom’s event week or purchasable via flash offer.


  • Help Center button is located in the Settings screen, to assist players in answering questions that do not need a support ticket.
  • Social network links now condensed inside the Socials button.

Weekly Schedule

  • 11 Week Schedule:
    – Weeks 1-10 : World Events
    – Week 11: Tower of Doom

Guild Wars will run every 4 weeks, as standard currently. They will run concurrently with the World Event. (No more separate week for Guild Wars)


  • Boss-tier troops now have a red border on their units.
  • No 5.0 planned adjustments to hero(ine) classes. Light balance changes to troops may happen, as normal for each update.
  • No 5.0 planned adjustments to Imperial Deed rates.

Are the streams always late or does it only happen the 4 times a year I attend them?


Id say late while dealing with the shit with working from home

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I just saw that the Underworld patch is soon 2 years old. How time flies…

Looking forward to the stream. I got the time right, yes? We’re just running late?

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It’s on now!

They just got some reason don’t link the stream to the official website😂

So: Elite-only mythic, until it’s added to Soulforge/Chests?

In other words: players must pay at least 10USD to get the campaign mythic as a reward during said campaign?
:sweat_smile: :vulcan_salute:


Extremely disappointed with how the p2w features ae coming more and more with each update


Give us the ability to purchase Elite passes with gems…


At the end of the day they need to make money to keep the game running. They’re not putting anything behind a pay wall that can never be attained. Yes, if you pay money you can get it earlier but it’s a SLIGHT advantage, not P2W. More Pay for slight Advantage.


So you can see the rest of Saltys streaming outfit since you couldn’t see either below the waist.


Just get the bonus Stats quicker than free to play.

This is nothing new in the game. (And that’s fine.)

Players who spent money for Zuul’Goth got him a lot quicker than free to play players.

Sirrian is “still looking into” the difficulty of level 500 pure Faction team runs.


Looks like it. (Note: This wasn’t on beta.)

$10 USD to have this mythic on release, or have to wait until it appears in the Soulforge during a normal mythic rotation. So, that could be several months of waiting if one of these campaign mythic troops ends up being meta changing?