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Avoiding ridiculous ****** asterisk Filter in Guild chat?

I’ve got questions about the console word filters.

  1. How do I prevent the Xbox One filter from bleeding ******************** asterisks, every time I want to write something in the guild chat? Maybe there a list of known word combos to avoid?

  2. If someone has an Invite code that displays as ********_YS5S like in my guild, is it even possible to invite them.

  3. Can I ask the Console Devs to clean out all the lines of useless ************** that I wrote in the chat today while trying to explain guild operations? My guild is PhantomKiddz (XB1).

Feature suggestion here:
Since console chat filters aren’t going to disappear anytime soon, Can the devs add code to detect when an entire line of text has become ******************* and place an “X” button beside it, so that people can delete this eyesore and not have to look at it for weeks at a time. OMG Please.

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I couldnt say ‘president’ the last time I tried using it.

Would be nice to have some guidance on this matter.

I couldn’t find any other threads on the filter headache, but this issue’s been there since Day 1.

The official word was that you can’t say things like ‘PenIsland.com

It has blocked me from saying things such as ‘gold’; absolutely crazy

the filter is far from perfect, I think Nim even said that at some point that it’s simply looking at strings of characters, w/o caring about spaces (not sure about other punctuation .,;: etc),

for example when talking about tasks, you should not use the phrase “finish it” :wink: because according to the chat filter it’ll be “finiSHIT” - OMG THIS PERSON TRIES TO SAY SHIT, MUST BLOCK IT!

poor misunderstood filter :stuck_out_tongue:

It flat out doesnt let you say random words either. It is awful and the only form of communication on console

[quote=“Robert, post:6, topic:13367, full:true”]
It flat out doesnt let you say random words either.[/quote]

Blocking all strings of words that might contain part of a random swearword is what I found was happening on PSN’s service in general. I didn’t know the same idiocy applied to Microsoft policies.

I mean come on, really? :rage:

I found out from customer service that if I see a player named ******** on my screen, that’s what Support sees on their screens too (********_YS5S). Crazy, right!

Mental, especially in this day and age. A bad word won’t hurt anyone considering the things everyone can see and do nowadays

If an invite code or player name is all **********, you can contact gems of war support to fix it.

Honestly, they should allow for such a filter to be turned off. The first thing I do in ANY game that has a social aspect is turn off the filter.

You’re playing on a PC game or Facebook thing that allows you to turn off the censors?

Not sure that Sony or MS would allow third parties to circumnavigate their privacy policies just like that. It’s their sandbox, their rules. Maybe the devs need to convince them to remove the chat filter on the server end whenever the user has set local policy to “Adult default” rather than “Family” settings.

The would be me jumping the gun and making an assumption.

If it’s a sony/psn imposed filter I doubt there is a way around it.

I was just saying in general, chat filters are awful and should always have the option to be turned off. In MOST PC games I play that have a social aspect, the chat filter can be turned off.

Though that probably isn’t the case for “facebook games.”

I can’t for the life of me figure out which part of ‘GOLD’ might be part of a blocked phrase.

But that certainly explains a lot why we keep seeing ******************************* polluting our guild chat.

I think writing URLs in the text is also disallowed. No way to say “For more info go visit forums at gemsofwar.com” because who knows, that .COM site is probably some sick creepy weirdo ick, you never know, don’t go visiting that there briar patch you’ll regret it bwa hahahahaha.

Like I said, gimme a break the verbal handholding is excessive.

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in pc - i tried to get poof … got ***f. now… wow…

Poof? What’s that going on with Gems mobile chat?

Hello, @Syndarin I think this chat filter is absolutely ridiculous too. I am actually in the same guild, PhantomKiddz (XB1). I have had this problem just today actually, and before. Just to give an example (not that we really need more examples) but the filter actually blocked a thank you message for promotions! This issue has happened in other guild too.

Poof is brit slang for a gày man.

Alright I was away for the weekend for a cottage retreat, discovered that the only internet access was by tethering thru a cellphone and there was no cell service most of the time. I come back here and discover the console PvP update. Woohoo.

So ok, to summarize we’ve determined that anything that is drug or sexually related is banned from chat according to Microsoft and Sony. Has anyone figured out whether these filter blocks are limited to the language dictionary of the player using those terms? Maybe a Spanish speaker receives a different set of blocked words. Would we see as many asterisks in chat dialogue if my default language is switched to something other than English?