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Overly Aggressive Chat Filter

I bit silly, but in game’s Guild Chat room, I used the term “data analysis” and the game filtered out that four character substring of the second word that it didn’t like and replaced it with asterisks. Masking parts of valid words because the game thinks those substrings are nasty is a bit of overkill.


Use the word data buttysis instead. Problem solved.


Just don’t get cocky.


Just be careful not to pussy foot around the chat filter.


Basically, just don’t use the game chat. That’s what the devs seem to ask you to do.

Good old Scunthorpe.

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In French, a recent unit is filtered by the system :rofl: :rofl: Good translation job ^^

Try being blocked from chat entirely because your invite code triggered the chat filter…and you don’t even chat with your invite code, you chat with your nickname. (Yes, this really happened to me. The devs fixed it the next day so at least it was a quick response…but it never should have happened. And no, my invite code contains no profanity/“sneaky” profanity.)

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I am sorry but I laughed at this!

No apology needed - I did too, even though it was frustrating as heck at the time. It’s just one of those silly “sanity checks” that probably got overlooked.

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