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Assign one off kingdom troops (ex. Apocalypse, Primal) to other kingdoms to encourage upgrading them to increase kingdom power levels

Idea: assign one off kingdom troops to real kingdoms. By one off, I mean the kingdoms that do not exist as one of the 34 selectable Krystara kingdoms. These are:

  • Apocalypse
  • Guardians
  • Primal
  • The Vault

My prefered solution would be to assign each troop two kingdoms: their original kingdom plus their new one. For example, Defiance would be Guardians / Urskaya. However, I would totally be ok if the old kingdoms were eliminated entirely (the game likely doesn’t support arbitrary kingdom assignments like this).

Consider this: Dooms are assigned to various Krystara kingdoms and are not their own separate Doom kingdom consisting only of themselves.

My motive here is simple: there is no incentive to acquire or upgrade these troops to increase kingdom power levels because they do not belong to any kingdom that can be upgraded. This is especially of issue with the Apocalypse troops. I would never craft any of them, including Xathenos, because I would never use them and they can’t help me achieve kingdom power level 10 or beyond, which would be true of any other mythic. Similarly, there’s no reason to upgrade gnomes, Cedric aside. But players would waste souls, traitstones, orbs, and medals upgrading these troops if doing so helped them upgrade kingdoms! (Or at least I would.)

(A few of these troops, such as the new guild guardians, are actually worth upgrading on their own merits, but the vast majority are not.)

I would assign the troops evenly across the real kingdoms so it doesn’t unbalance the troop count or thus maximum kingdom power level for any one kingdom. The devs could use this as a quick and easy one time way to help increase the troop count for the smaller kingdoms like Dhrak-Zum or Sin of Maraj. To disrupt the meta less, the troops could be assigned other kingdoms over time (ex. 1 a week).

Thank you for reading! I figure this won’t happen, but I figured I would ask. PS, devs: this would be a great way to get players to waste ascension orbs on gnomes!


while I agree with you for some primal troops AKA imps shouldn’t be so quickly dismissed, at lvl 20 and fully traited they can be quite powerful. If you put them in a team that boosts magic and can consistently get extra turns via mana generator, the best one IMO is winter imp since it does true scatter damage and with it’s final trait give 8 magic when matching blue you get the idea. but I do agree that they should either be put into their other kingdoms or have their kingdom become official with their own quest delve faction and additional troops so they atleast count as something other than a checkmark on a list.

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I did admit that a few of the affected troops are useful. Winter Imp can be nasty when paired with Vespera. But it would be nice if traiting him and the other imps also helped towards kingdom progress.

The devs have said there are no plans for any more true kingdoms so creating one on the world maps is out of the question.