Kingdoms Armys. Gizmos Idea

Ok so something to make people play with all there cards. Gizmo calls it The Kingdoms Army. To prepare your army for upcoming battles to protect the realm each troop in a kingdom gets a small buff and maybe even a Elite soldier or rank on the card in one of the corners. This is in no way intended to make troops op or give kingdoms huge buffs but rather a gratifying experience for ranking troops. Example

Kingdom A has 8 troops
When you win 50 pvp/explore battles with a given troop that troop gains 1 stat point to either health or armor and gets elite status or veteren status
Once you get 4 of the troops to 50 wins you get a 2 percent increase to tribute chance/amount/or gold
Once you get 8 troops to 50 wins you get 3 percent increase to tribute chance/amount/or gold
and at twelve 2 percent more
at sixteen 3 percent more and so on.

When you have all troops at any time all at 50 wins or more you get a marking on your kingdom that shows it is full of elite/veteren troops and when a new troop is released for that kingdom you lose this visual only buff till you win 50 games with that troop.

Just an idea


Oh, that’s interesting. It would be like having experience points for your troops and would really push people to use the full range of their troops. I like it.

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I like it. Id be happy if they did anything to get people to use different troops. There are quite a few that you will never see in pvp, and id like to use different ones without feeling like it is a waste of time.

Beowulf agrees to Gizmo’s idea. Beowulf thinks it will bring variety to game!

sounds like fun :smiley: is it fine for you @gizmo to move it to feature requests?

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Gizmo wonders…Hmm how do I move a post?

Someone already did it, but you would click the little pencil (edit) button beside the thread title at the top of the post, then you can select a category from the drop down list.

Whoa, immersion broken. Don’t you mean, “Hmm how does Gizmo move a post?”

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