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Arena Exploit Bug (Fixed)

If it’s not fixed in 4.0 @Cyrup then I’m going to teach every single player in GoW how to do it. The devs are already very much aware of it. I’m all for bugs that benefit players. But it’s being done a bit too excessively in my opinion and is cheapening the game. Everything in moderation = a solid life rule.

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These two statements don’t quite match. Anyone willing to exploit a game is cheapening their own experience, their achievements are incredibly shallow if they can’t play or compete in an honest manner.


What are they getting for exploiting arena?


I’m all ears

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I’m all ears

If you’re all ears, how do you eat?

If I find a 20 on the street. I’m gonna pocket it. If I find $20,000 on the street… I’m gonna call the police about it. In between is not for me to judge… More than it’s just… Come on man (or woman) you know it’s too wrong.

If i’m all ears, do i need to eat?

This sounds literally as: I know it’s exploiting an uninteded flaw to gain an unfair advantage, but as long as people are not doing it too much i don’t care.

It’s hypocritical when you pursue cheaters in the leaderboard, while being conniving with this and i hope you can realize that.

If you would really care about a state of fair play you wouldn’t even try to goad the devs by threathening to cause unnecessary problems that could lead to drastic measures. Imagine if it would cause a situation that the devs would need to make rollback, some players would probably be harmed by it for losing Mythic/Legendary troops and progress…

You are free to choose what to do, but you are always bound to the consequences.


Thanks for giving me that permission. Exploits are against the rules. Never said they weren’t.
It’s safe to assume you don’t know the Exploit works so here you are on your moral high ground.

To me…I think it’s more than fair if a bug has screwed you over before… That if a bug exists to get some Rewards back. That everyone can use if they know how to. Then I have no issue with a player doing so long as it doesn’t become overkill. I made that clear in the OP.

Unfortunately, you are unable to share a thought about a statement. You always have to attack me. I don’t care if you don’t like me. No one makes you read my threads. Nor does anyone make you comment on them.

The bug has been around for at least 2 patches now. If it’s not on top of the priority list then so be it. Maybe they’ll take care of it when most are doing it. Rather than just a few players.

Those who edit code harm other players by breaking the game. Using an Exploit, whether you think is right or wrong. Does not harm the game at all.
For 6 months this has been reported behind closed doors. Now what do you have issue with? That I made the bug public on the forums WITHOUT telling people how to do it?
Or that I don’t give a :poop: if they do it. So long as they don’t do it excessively?

Wait… Lol
I’d be personally responsible for players getting punished for using an Exploit?

“Guns don’t kill people… Ryan does by teaching them how to shoot” 🤦

Why? The kind of person losing 20k on a street is not going to the police about it.^^
However losing 20 bucks can really ruin a regular persons day.


Because $20 isn’t worth the police time. $20k if left unclaimed after a while. Goes to the police. That’s why.

@awryan why are you not sending a PM to the devs about it? Threads like these is known to come nothing good out of.

I’m not giving you permission, as i said before to you, and others, you don’t need my validation for anything…

… and you can see my concerns as attacks, that is up to you. I post in your threads and any other where i feel my input could be useful.

If it comes to a situation which would require a rollback other players that are not aware of the forums and such bugs could lose progress if the devs think it’s necessary.

Tickets have been submitted in the past already. This gives people to chance to sign up for lessons after 4.0 is released.
And private conversations about exploits or cheaters tend to go no where. Much more progress is made when things are made public. But out respect for the devs. I didn’t reveal details about the bug.

But what good things comes out of making a public thread like this?

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Because that happens so often?
It’s never happened in the the almost 2 years that I’ve played. So your fear seems relatively unfounded and just fear mongering.

Well last time…#1 in PvP was banned. I don’t want anyone banned for this. Not that big of deal. I just want it fixed. That simple…a bug in GoW ACTUALLY fixed. I know I’m aiming for the stars here. But I think and believe it can be resolved. If not in 4.0… Then at the very least 4.1. :grinning:

How are you so sure that it was because of your past thread that was the reason why #1 in PvP got banned? And why so much hate towards a game u play for many hours everyday?

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I prefer to call it caution, but i won’t argue with you. The best i can do for now is leave room for others to comment.