Arena bug report

0 . Wear your Dragon Armor & double coin bonus(these 3 days)

  1. Choose Warlord IV level
  2. go to Arena (cost 1000 coins)
  3. start battle
  4. lose the battle(or retreat)
  5. repeat 3 and 4
  6. get your reward(1500 coins)

Well, if you lost, that’s not a bug. You still earn more than it cost you because of the double gold, so it’s more of an exploit than anything, but it’s working as intended in terms of rewards.

But it’s still pants and clearly needs fixing!

Though I suspect few of the devs are around - what with the 107 workload / bugs / PAX conference and all that… and being Australian they’re all drunk on a beach somewhere ahead of losing the Rugby…

@Sirrian @Nimhain @CrowdedWorlds

Cool, who else can I offend next? :smiley:

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There was rugby going on?

As for the Arena bug, we’re going to look into it now PAX has finished. NO ETA on a fix though.