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Arena & Doomed Blade

Fantastic to see doomed blade is the new issue for arena as we’ve had nothing since dawnbringer got removed:


The horrendous bias cascades really didn’t help


Lol they forgot about the arena :joy::rofl::joy:

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I just think it’s funny that u can still change banner, yet they haven’t put other banners in

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Well, this should only take about 14 months to get fixed.


The Broken Banner broke all the other banners… :laughing:

There was a ninja change quite a few weeks ago, banners get ignored in Arena, you only get base mana from matches.


“I hope you all are, eagerly, looking forward to the Doomed Blade fix for Arena, happening late 2029.”

^ Gems of War Dev (November 2018) ^

Lol xD

I’m poisoning the pool this time; for most of the Dawnbringer era I didn’t even have it so I couldn’t help contribute to the madness.

On offense, Doomed Blade, which is also “DB” just like Dawnbringer, seems even more powerful. The main difference is you can afford to actually draft a functional team. Some games you just don’t get 18 blue mana. With Dawnbringer you usually drafted “anything yellow” so once your hero pops you should probably retreat. With Doomed Blade, I win a lot of games without even using DB.

On defense I guess it feels worse, I haven’t played against one yet. It’s on average 1 turn faster, and mine’s dealing out 19 damage to the enemy team. I can’t remember exactly but I think that’s either 1 more or equal to DB. It generally wipes everything but the hero, and skulls take care of the rest.

Not a fan.


This weapon is mono color with a high mana cost. Difficulty to beat on defense is so much easier than Dawnbringer.

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Yeah I was just really unfortunate with AI and it’s blue cascades :joy: