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Ban Dawnbringer in Arena

Hi, Long time player, first time poster!
I’m writing to express my sheer frustration with the Dawnbreaker in Arena,

Arena is meant to be a fair level playing ground for all; no mythics, ever. But since the creation of mythic weapons like Dawnbreaker, it makes Arena almost impossible sometimes.

I am tired of playing Arena, spending my gold to play it, only to be battled out by a stupid MYTHIC weapon. In no way ever are MYTHICS able to be used in the arena, so why is this weapon allowed?

In my guild, I’ve seen a massive drop-off of people playing Arena, simply because of the Dawnbreaker.

It should not be allowed.
I’m not going to be surprised if people oppose this, those people are going to be the ones who use the weapon.

Come on Devs - allowing a mythic weapon in an Arena that doesn’t allow mythics?

DEVS - PLEASE can you ban MYTHIC weapons from Arena?

That is all.


There has been a post going back to September with over 600 comments on this issue.
I am afraid it’s never going to happen.
They are looking at options for a solution


Um we already have dozens of threads on this. Now you’ve made two?


It’s DawnBRINGER, not breaker. It’s not hard to check the name before you post.


ive always hoped theyd release 10 1.3mil souls mythic weapons at once just to spite these nerf db threads then ofc i would buy them all instantly bcuz 13mil souls is chump change xD

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Dawnbringer is not a mythic weapon

I agree that Dawnbringer shouldn’t even be in Arena due to how OP for the Arena it is and considering that it can wipe out two to three of your party within three to four rounds it makes Arena an impossible task now. Even if you can win the first round it always comes back the second round or third round.

border color aside technically it and all class weapons are mythic its just a error on their end that is obv not important enough to fix/care about wich is why its existed ingame since classes were introduced

quote from patch 1.0.9 which is how long the error has existed xD

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Bring back picking weapons in Arena!

Did not realise I’d made two, since my laptop seemed to do nothing when I went to post.

Oh yes, really helpful, I’ll try that next time rolls eyes

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We blame the software or the hardware then :slight_smile:

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No, it’s legendary. But Arena mode doesn’t permit legendary troops - though it does permit legendary weapons… go figure…

I edited the title because so far the primary argument in this thread is “HUURRRR you called it the wrong thing therefore your argument is invalid” so now they all look as dumb as that argument.

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Uhm… What

Ok as much as everyone “knows in their heart” Dawnbrnger is really “supposed to be” a Mythic weapon. Sirrian is actually referring to MUCH weaker weapons such as Dragon Oak, or Serve and Protect as a Mythical class weapons in the 1.0.9 notes. Of course Epic rarity is more appropriate for that set of weapons.

As for Dawnbringer the fact of its enormous cost to forge, and unique Tri-color mana the miss coded “Legendary” Hero weapon Dawnbring should be corrected to Mythic.

@Jainus is right restating that both Legendary (and Mythic) troops are not allowed in Arena…

If only someone created a thread about this before perhaps it would have been looked at. /s

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I’d be fine with blocking any weapon above the rarity that troops use, to be honest. This also neatly handles some of the most common arguments against taking Dawnbringer out: it excludes weapons like Runic Blade and Black Manacles that can also turn the tide quickly.

Arena’s designed to be about getting into a scrap where all your fancy tools aren’t available. It’s like the duels in Black Panther where they made him drink the “lose your power” juice. Most of these weapons go against that idea. I wouldn’t mind being left with worse tools.

I stand by my original arguement when the first thread started.

A random epic troop, a randon ultra rare troop, a random rare troop and a random common troop.

That way there will be no weapon builds at all or any quibbles around things being OP.

Also please stop the purchasing screen for 3 troops at the end with a ridiculous amount of gems :stuck_out_tongue:

This is why I avoid the Arena like the plague. too much frustration and unfair advantages to make it worth the time it takes to get through… until I die.