Banner not shown up and not be active in arena (Not a bug)

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I play arena only for dailytasks and note in the match before that a single 3 bluematch giving 3 instead of 4 mana. So i look in the next fight whats going on and check the weapon and banner and choose it. But it helps less.

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First time for me.

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I don’t know.

The bug that was fixed was getting extra blue and brown. You get no banner for arena.

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I always wondered why only blue/brown banner available… :thinking:

Thanks for clarifying this

Next thing they’ll do is remove the hero from the arena. It’s shocking how many ancient bugs are now getting resolved. Yet none of them ever appeared on the “the known issues list”. Weird. :grinning:
(The “bug” has been solved already so no harm in commenting about it.)
OP, please add “solved” to your title.

Been meaning to post this bug.

Ozball told me a long time ago we were meant to be using the broken spire banner in arena and it shows here we are meant to have it so I think it’s a bug that it isn’t working.

It’s not a recent fix either, 3 or 4 updates ago I think. But the bug was around for years before being fixed.

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@Barney_Stinson The Broken Spire banner should be applying to Arena. Is that the issue you’re reporting? Sorry if I’m missing something.

p.s can we ensure we’re on topic with posts here.

Ummm, yes? I thought this simple banner is useable like always. People say no, its removed. And you say, its “should be” working. (whats not doing).


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Considering the banner does show up under banners in arena I reckon it should be working.

The screenshots shows my mana. 9/20…i take that 5 bluematch and get 10 mana for the surge, but not the 1 extra from the banner.

It hasn’t been applying for several months now. Since ninja changes like this have become very frequent and are never communicated or responded to, the community understanding was that it must have been intentional.

Edit: Apparently the “bug fix” was done somewhere around October:


Do you all have team meetings or anything?

I’ve checked in on this again, and the design team do not intend for the banner to be applying Gem Mana bonuses in Arena. The banner is visible there as the game applies it by default (the code inherently applies a banner to each team), however, I’ve passed on a suggestion for a quality of life improvement to adjust this is to display a banner or somehow visually indicate that no Mana bonus is meant to apply.


So we used to get +1 Blue and +1 Brown in the arena. Now, we do not. And now you are suggesting that to add “quality” to the lives of the players a visual indicator should be added to tell us that we arent getting this bonus?

Wouldnt a quality of life suggestion be to add the bonuses that we all used to get back in?

Until this statement everything I had heard indicated we should be getting the bonuses, that removing them was in error, and that the team was working to restore them.

Did having a +1 Blue and Brown banner really give the player such an advantage in the arena it had to be removed to not affect the game economy?

It didn’t affect the game economy or give players advantages. It made blue and brown troops more valuable than the other troops, because they filled faster, for you and for the AI. Which always felt kind of weird, there doesn’t seem to be a good reason to make two colors better than the other ones.

No color bonus works for me, it’s a fair approach that treats all troops the same. Another option would be to allow players to pick from three random banners, similar to the troop picks, that would probably take somewhat more effort to implement though.