Arena bug makes A.I. attack twice

Xbox, Series S, 10.0.22000.2285 (xb_fit_2109co.210920- 1845)

Screenshot or image:

I took my turn then i attacked with skulls matching three skulls The A.i. attacked by matching three skulls then suddenly attacked again without moving the skulls.

Every two to three turns The A.I. Waits after i take my turn gathering mana or attacking with skulls then the A.I. Cast its spell then it attacks without moving skulls or gathering mana.

Here is the steps i think may be linked to this bug. I enter PvP, i then select PvP ranked, when i enter the battle i see the circle i select skulls or mana with appears then the A.I. tries to move a skull or mana but nothing is moved and the circle disappears. Then i take my turn and attack by matching four skulls, then gather mana my turn ends the A.I. Moves and then gets a extra turn matching four mana, then matches four skulls then matches three mana. THEN the A.I. Attacks me again without making a move on the board. Ok so after the battle is over and i win or the A.I. wins, i go back to arena i make my team then enter the battle and i take my turn with out delay i match three mana and my turn ends, the A.I. Takes its turn matching four mana then gathers three more mana its turn ends. Then i move matching three skulls and my turn ends, then on the THIRD turn the A.I. Glitches and attacks me with a spell, then matches four skulls, then it gathers mana then ends its turn. I pretty much down to two troops and get defeated on the fifth or sixth turn. I entered the Arena Three times in a roll before i made this report and each battle the A.I. Glitched and got that extra turn.

My invite code is ADAM_91 my level 1,398 my VIP rank is 15 my name is Angelo and i in the guild Disposable Heroes. :slight_smile:

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