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Cheating Ai in Arena

Has anyone else experienced cheating AI in the arena. Recently i had a game where i had no possible chance of winning. The match started and i matched a few gems. The computer matched skulls and hit me. Normally i wouldn’t mind so much since i got hit once but this time was considerably different. The hero had 12 attack but hit me for 24 and to add insult to injury put hunters mark on me. I decided to keep going and matched some more gems. The computer hit me again and killed my hero. The computer killed my hero in two turns. I’m ticked to say the least. I also realize this is a rare instance where something this bad has happened to me. I also realize this isn’t something that can be easily fixed. All i really want to know is how many other people have experienced things like this.

What weapon was the opposing hero using? That’s probably what made the difference instead of the AI cheating.

It was Dawnbringer.

Hunters mark makes you take double skull damage, You likely had it cast on you prior to the skull match that hit you for 24. I’d bet money there was a dire wolf on his team

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From time to time conditions on the board make it so that the player really doesn’t get a say in the outcome of the fight. It is very rare for this to happen but it does.

In a game like this with lots of randomness (which at any time could benefit either the Player or the AI) sometimes the random outcomes chain together in a way that continually benefits the AI and it it strongly feels like cheating, but it really isn’t.


No one on his team had the hunter mark ability.

Normally i would agree with you but nothing on the board could have caused the problem. I made one match of three and nothing more happened. I got hit with skull damage nothing more happened. I matched three more and nothing more happened. I got hit with skull damage and my hero died. I’m not trying to be difficult or stubborn or anything but i looked at every possibility here and it shouldn’t have happened. Maybe glitch would be the right word instead of cheating.

Personally, I’ve never experienced a situation where an attack has been double what it is expected o be.

If your on xbox and get a situation like this again, try and capture the match as a video, if only so the devs can see what happened and fix the problem.

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Same goes for PS4. It is so easy to capture video by just hitting the ‘share’ button, though it is a bit of a pain to edit it down to a reasonable length, transfer to a phone or computer and then upload to support or the forums. Once you figure things out, it can be done in just a few minutes, but it took me ages the first time.

I’ve found the easiest way is record on xbox, then take a video of it on my phone and send that in. Gets the job done, no tech skills necessary :grinning:


Oh, good idea.

I created a private message thread on PSN that I can share screenshots and video clips to. Then I can open the PM on my phone using the PS app and download any images or videos, and then upload from my phone to the forum. A little convoluted, but manageable. Prior to that, I was using a USB drive to transfer files to my laptop and that was just too much.

Well on my side sometimes alchemist gains 4 mana in a normal 3 match. So i suspect the game activates some traits in arena.

Welcome to Arena. It’s not GW and no one spends $$$ on $50 packs to help them out in Arena, so it’s never getting any attention.

Yes, this game is filled with “things that make you go hmmm…”

I think you’re the latest victim lol

[ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XF2ayWcJfxo&feature=youtu.be&t=12 ]

Arena uses the blue/brown banner that’s why all blue and brown troops get 1 extra mana.