Cheating AI, De-Level, and Stolen Wins

The AI has gone from decent strategy to COMPLETELY OBVIOUS CHEATING - 1.09 made the cheating part WORSE!
What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
To have fun, to get lucky, to see the computer get lucky. Instead, the game ALWAYS gives the computer WAY MORE possibilities for extra turns than the player! Its like in Chess, the pawn can ONLY attack what it is diagonally in front of them, you basically gave the computer the ability to attack what is front of them without having to move diagonally, whereas the player can’t.

This is Not Harder difficulty, this is straight up cheating!

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Play the game. THATS IT.

This one definitely off. I WAS Level 91 when I loaded up the game. I’m Rank 1 in PVP.
I lost the battle, but then the game says “Level UP!” but it shows me as level 90 with most of the bar filled. Two battles later, I level up again to Level 91.

I would definitely consider this a bug.

This one is becoming a serious annoyance that causes me to Scream with rage every time this “error” shows up. Play a battle, doesn’t matter if its PVP, Quest, or Challenge (Never experienced it in Arena though), then after winning the game will say something like this:
“Sorry, looks like this battle has already been player by another. Click OK to leave the battle.”
That takes away my win, my rewards, the keys I got, the souls I worked for, and the scrolls - IT DOESN’T EVEN GIVE ME A STAR ON THE CHALLENGE.

Now, this “error” is BULL. We all know that when we fight ANYTHING in the game, we are ALWAYS going against the AI. We’re not taking turns in who plays what, we are playing these Challenges, PVP (Reality: PVC) battles, and Quests BY OURSELVES!
If I won, GIVE ME MY DAMN WIN! Playing a battle all over again when I KNOW I already beat that damn level is REALLY Frustrating!

You seem to have a lot of connectivity issues. A few questions if you don’t mind.

1 - What device(s?) are you using to play GoW? Also do you play on both PC/Mobile? If you are playing on mobile, what system are you running on it?

2 - What country do you live in? Is it a small or large city? Small community or packed?

3 - Do you have connectivity issues with other games on the effected device(s)? How much space is left and have you tried clearing space on your device to see if it makes a difference? Finally, have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling? (After setting up your account in-game first so you can log back in.)

Some of these connections issues are because their server provider is overloaded. There are plans in place for them to migrate the backend of the game to a new service provider soon.

I know this doesn’t help fix your issue, but hopefully it helps you to know a fix is coming in the near future.

Here is a new post saying they hope to be moving providers in a few weeks.

In my experience that generally doesn’t mean you lose out on keys or anything else you got. Next time it happens double check to make sure, because almost every time that message came up for me, I’ve noticed that I got everything for the win that I was supposed to get. I don’t think it’s ever happened to me on a challenge, though, so maybe that’s the difference.

Connection issues? What do these have to do with AI Design in the game, a random De-Level (only ran into this once, but I’d rather not run into it again), and stolen victories?

  1. I’m playing on Steam, PC. My computer is more than capable for this kind of game.

  2. I live in Oregon, United States. I have cable internet (will never go back to Satellite again).

  3. I have 536 GB free of 1 TB. This game takes up 1.57 GB, I have games that take up way more than that and are Online only types with much higher hardware requirements and run with very lil issue. I have serious doubts that uninstalling & reinstalling it will make a difference since this game is littered with bugs that haven’t been fixed for quite a while.

I have, and every time I check, I pray that the game gave me all that I fought for, but no, whenever the “error” hits me, it takes everything.

And all those other high end games your hardware is super capable of and run with very lil issue, how much exactly did you pay for those games and how much did you pay for GoW? -.-

The bugs you were explaining in your first post, about not getting the star or having a level revert, are almost guaranteed to be related to some of the connection timeouts from the server provider. These errors are very frustrating, and they are taking steps to eliminate them. This step is to migrate to a new service provider, as their current provider will be closing in a year, and has issues.

If anything, the game cheats in the player’s favor until the combo breaker is turned off when you reach rank 1 in PvP. I’ll see if I can track down the thread on the Combo-Breaker code they designed to remove randomness and help the player. Because patch 2.0 is going to implement a PVP ladder system, the Combo Breaker needs to be turned off for PvP, and return to allowing the boards to be fully random.

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I have to say its true. Since 1.09 the AI cheats massively!
On gem spawners it the most obvious: When i spawn gems with my Prismatic Orb or Griffon Knight I can be lucky if I get a 3 match or the enemy gets not a 4 match setup. Most of the times the enemy gets favoured.
When the enemy spawns 8 gems he gets a L-shaped 5 match AND a 4 match often. Rarely the enemy loses the turn after spawning anything. This has nothing to do with Combobreaker. This is plain cheating!
I spend hundreds of Euros on this game and slowly I cant bear it anymore how often I sit there frustrated and Ragequit. Never in the past 30 years of gaming I got that angry by such unfair behavior.
If you want more money from me, fix that cheating AI!

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Excuse me person who knows of a little chess, the pawn can attack from the side as well as diagonally in certain circumstances.

What circumstance is that? Even with ‘en passant’ the pawn still takes diagonally.

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Just to get it out of the way:
From SpeedTest (google it if you don’t know):
Ping - 23ms
Download Speed - 8.55 mbps
Upload Speed - 5.29 mbps

Windows 7 64 Bit HPE (Standard)
Intel Core 2 Duo 3.00GHz (E8400)
8 GBs of Ram
1 TB Hard Drive
ASUS R7 240 Series 2 GBs of Vram (Its asus’ version of a Radeon)

I believe with GoW, I’ve spent close to $40. With Diablo 3 (Huge disappointment btw) with RoS, $40.
What does your question have to do with the bug & design flaw that I mentioned?
I responded to the other question with an example of how small the game is in comparison to other games I have on my PC. And I didn’t say “high end”, you can probably play Fallout 4, my computer would have a heart attack from that game (to the Gaming community, my $450 computer is still crap).

In general the AI got with the new Patch a comfortable “Buff”. Thats obviously and not subjective. That reminds me when the Game came out. And now we have the same Problem again. I cant understand those Steps. This needs definitively a Fix. Over and done!

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