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Are raids fully "GUILD" oriented...?

So upon talking to my guild and many other guild members or other guilds… Alot of us feel that raids are not fully “GUILD” oriented. Why is the leaderboards per person and not overall for Guilds just like GW was? GW was 100% Guild oriented… This new raid mode is only partially “GUILD” oriented. Why don’t as a “GUILD” everyone gets the reward of coming in 1st-10th place? Why not Guild leaderboards instead of player by player??

you spend upto tier 4 which is roughly= 600 GEMS

So making it fully “GUILD” oriented would make more sense than based on player by player…
For each person to spend 600 GEMS to get to TIER 4. Why don’t reward all of the guild who comes in First place with 700 gems and the ORB at the end of the week? That barely even covers the cost of what the GUILD spends to close portal 10…?

Guilds in 1st-4th place should get the higher tier ORB and the 700 GEMS reward.
Guild in 5th-10th place should get 1 or 2 Major orbs and the 700 GEMS reward.


Under the current system they have, that would make it even worst.

The leaderboard would be the guilds that throws the most T7’s at it.

At least right now any person who gets a T7 regardless of their guild’s willingness to spend that much has the chance of making the leaderboard.


This idea would make the fact that the leaderboard is p2w even more infuriating.

This “Feature Request” and the half dozen others on the forum all have one thing in common: BUFF the rewards!

If any Developer happens to read these posts, please check with your Publisher Overlords to balance the rewards with the Raid expenditures…

Most of the critism in chat, forum, and clubs is not the mode itself but rather the GUILD rewards. Look at other games Raids are a big deal, WITH big rewards. They are not a huge expense with insignificant rewards. Portal 3 has less rewards that a single PvP match!? That’s just one example.

If you can’t increase the rewards, reduce the entrance fees.


not at all, it would be way less pay to win and more guild working togetherm

So naïve… It’s bad enough that it’s already pay to win. Making it to where 30 people can fork over just as many gems would make it literally impossible for all but the highest level guild to even see the leader board

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