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Raids Rewards

From the onset of Raids, I’ve always strongly disliked how this is the ONLY guild event that requires participation for every guild member to receive the rewards. I often find it immensely confusing how the game that’s so dependent on its player base to exist long term. Finds ways to screw them over. Privately I’ve raised this disdain in the past when it was 7 days and it was the only Guild event happening.

Now that the event is 3 days and usually comes with 2 other 2 guild events happening. It saddens me that this evens has to be requested. I ask that the devs remove the restrictions of requiring participation for guild members to receive the portal rewards. It’s totally plausible that a player is unable to play Gems of War for 3 days. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be allowed to receive the rewards that their guild mates earned for them. In it’s present design the rewards just go to waste.

The minion stages are fine, just remove the barrier that prevents the rewards from being collected or mailed to them after the event has ended. (You know, like all the other guild events.)


I am the opposite and would like to see this in every event. I think locking the rewards gives new players incentive to at least start the event.

Granted, I am coming from the prospective of an open recruitment guild so I get lots of new players and people who ignore chat. Otherwise, I would probably prefer what you are suggesting.


Why not do both?

Remove the requirement from Raid Boss…
And add it to every world event… You need to get at least 1 copy of whatever token is there (so basicaly win at least 1 battle) to receive any rewards…

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The individual “minion rewards” would still there be as incentive for those who can actually play and actually see the event. The change just wouldn’t block away the rest of the Rewards. Again… What good are they all going to waste for? And for brand new players. The minion battles aren’t a cake walk exactly.

This is an interesting point and one I never really considered seeing as I play every day (or at least log in) and those in the guild who don’t do events don’t actually say anything.

My question is: If a player spends a week out of the game, say Sunday to the following Monday, thereby entirely missing a weekly event, would they receive rewards in the mail, assuming that they haven’t reached the mail cap?

I’m all for uniformity, one way or another. Either all events have blockers (supposedly to incentivize a minimum of participation), or none of them have blockers (to incentivize healthier playing habits like breaks, busier weeks and divide and conquer strategies).

I would prefer no blockers, which encourages better time management and a general benefit to all. After all, whether you have 3 moochers, 3 empty spots, 3 busy players or 3 newer players that can’t pass these levels, the resources were earned by the guild (even if only by a single very “dedicated” member) and should therefore go to all members within that guild. If you don’t like moochers, they’ll be kicked. If you have empty slots, you’ll recruit. If your players are busy, they’ll either transition to a more casual guild or will no longer be as busy the following week. If you have newer players, these are the ones that would benefit most from the rewards.

And again, as this is the only event that has this, it’s a weird oddity that helps no one, since I’m of the opinion that blocking rewards would not really see an increase in activity.


Mail caps are tremendously difficult to reach anymore. I could be wrong. In all other Guild events (EXCEPT RAIDS) if a player doesn’t collect the event Rewards manually (even if they don’t play in them at all) the rewards are mailed to them at weekly reset.
The portal rewards expire in 7 days if not collected in the mail I believe. So if a portal gets closed today, I believe I have 14 days to collect the rewards technically.

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That’s also true for pet events. Uncollected rewards are mailed to player once pet event has finished and any rewards were uncollected. (been experiencing this whenever I logged and there was short timer on pet event… (like 5 minutes or less).

… Pet events aren’t guild events… And they require participation still.

You’re citing something completely different. For individual based events. Yes. If a player forgets to collect their rewards manually, they get mailed to them.

Just realized that I think you get one mail with all uncollected event rewards, so even more difficult to reach the cap that way.

As I said, uniformity is key here. There’s no reason to block the other rewards when no other events are blocked. And, reiterating, I don’t think ANY event should be blocked.

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For you it’s something different, for me it’s same mechanism → if you forget to collect rewards they are mailed to you. It doesn’t matter if event is individual or guild based. It’s also true for Raid… :roll_eyes:

Only thing Raid is different is that you need to kill 2 minion waves to be eglible for next stage rewards. You dont need to collect either of them and will get them on mail once Raid is finished (assuming you killed minions).

That’s the whole point of this thread. For the players who don’t.

Not doing forum debates today. Forget it.

Nope, i’m just pointing out that this:

Isn’t true.

Player is ALWAYS mailed with rewards, if he has any to claim and doesn’t do so before event ends. Raid is no exception to this.

Raid is different to other Guild Events with what you’ve posted in your 1st post and what you want to be changed: players needs to kill minion waves to be able to claim the rewards.

Now, do you understand what i’m writting and where I disagree with you ?

Jesus dude.
You… Have… To… Do… The… Raids… To… Get… The… Rewards… From… Raids… To… Be… Mailed… To… You… That’s… Different… From… All… The… Other… Guild … Events.

Oh because I said manually.
Jesus. K… You win.
Yep I misspoke. Players have to MANUALLY do the raid battles, but not manually collect the portal rewards.

Any more pussy willow hairs to be split today?

Ultimately you both agree, and it isn’t relevant to the topic anyway.

When I mean incentive, I meant for all the raid rewards, not just the minion ones.

Ultimately I don’t feel strongly one way or another. I actually agtee with your and @blindnighto’s point that since the rewards were earned as a collective group of the guild, that everyone should thus get them, even people who were busy and didn’t start, and leechers. I just also think that blocking the rewards unless people do minimal participation can be an incentive for them to do it.

I like this idea. One of the rules in my guild for newcomers’ first week is to get only one event point just to prove that they are aware about it. Frankly, no one ever does just one, once they see it they do more.

Though, the more I think about it, I don’t know if new players who don’t even start the event are even aware about the reward block.


In case there’s any doubts @Saltypatra why the Raid structure needs to be changed in regards to requiring play to receive rewards. Here’s a member who absolutely loves Gems of War. But hasn’t been able to play due to having Covid and his condition progressively getting worse. He’s able to receive all the guild rewards for weeks without playing.
Until Raids… which despite the literal physical discomfort.

He endured the battles just to receive the rewards that he should of been able to get anyway. I understand there’s zero profit to be made by adjusting this event. Sometimes doing the right thing is motivated by the simple sake of doing the right thing.


3 hours to go, and we have 10 players yet to fight their 6 battles. We’re casual, and I know Real Life sometimes gets in the way. But it does seem a waste, because we actually finished all rewards this Raid. (And by we, I mean mostly one player. Thanks Sco.)

I don’t want to PM guild mates on the weekend. We’ve always been a play when you want/can kind of guild. But I’d prefer they all get the rewards. I can kick the ones who don’t fight GW later. (Unless Real Life stuff gets in the way)

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