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Are Dragon Soul & Dark Monolith worth 800 diamonds?

I currently have 3200 diamonds.

Should I try out one or both of these troops or continue saving up for one of the 4000 diamond troops?

Dragon Soul likely yes, Dark Monolith no. Depends a lot on your other troops, you’ll mostly want to save for mythics.


Did you run out of event keys last week?

Definitely do not craft Dark Monolith.

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Dragon Soul definitely. Dark Monolith no.


Save them for mythics they will get you further in the game


I agree that Dragon Soul is well worth it, even with the nerf to exploders. The higher the level the better, but even with the basic troop, it’s still a good way of generating mana for other troops.

Dark Monolith isn’t worth bothering with.

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Just a note that while TDS is definitely useful for soul generation, and potentially worth crafting, there are a few new methods of soul gathering for mid-level players that, in my opinion, make him less ‘essential’, depending on how you want to play the game (and perhaps whether or not Dawnbringer is in your to-do list in the near future). If you just need souls to level troops that you’ll be using, you can probably get by without him, if you wanted to keep saving for a mythic.

Agreed that Dark Monolith is probably not a great troop to craft, particularly if just ‘trying him out’. If you had been dead set on him for a particular team for a while, or just loved him for some other reason, I’d say follow your heart :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

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Dragon Soul would be your best option, but save your diamonds for Mythics. At some point you’ll more than likely acquire all Legendaries, specially if you accumulate keys to use during exclusive weeks of newly released Mythics.

If you manage to get every new Mythic that comes around from now on, then you are set to start catching up with your collection.


Thanks guys.

I’ll keep saving up so I can craft a Mythic.

The Dragon Soul and Divine Ishbaala are the only legendaries I’d recommend spending diamonds on offhand, I forget if there’s a newer one for that list.


Since you are at 3200, you’re SUPER close to getting a mythic. I think with that information, it’s best to wait until you can craft Infernus or Pharos-Ra, based on whether you want to “kick butt” or “farm souls” first.


I wish monolith had thick head for a first trait, that would be an insane wall.

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Yao Guai and Glaycion are also worth crafting

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I can vouch for Yau Guai. That card is always kicking my ass.

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I’m personally not a fan of crafting legendaries - you’ll get them eventually from chests. Always save event keys to use during weeks when a kingdom with legendaries you need comes up for the weekly event. You also get legendaries from all chests except gold so at some point you’ll have more than enough keys to get them.

Be patient & save your diamonds for mythics.


I don’t agree. Here’s what I mean. We can always contrive a player where it DOES make sense, but let’s talk in general.

If I recommend TDS, it’s because I think the player is fairly early to the game. There’s a rough assumption that a player who reaches level 1,000 or so and has a handful of mythics might’ve already naturally got TDS. But let’s talk about people who don’t have it at all: they can’t soul farm. Even if they get Pharos-Ra, it’s not efficient without TDS. Players need to soul farm, and TDS is the entry fee. (It’s also not a bad troop!)

So I’m using that as an illustration: I like troops that by themselves are very powerful. TDS fits this because in the time it takes a player to get 800 diamonds, they don’t get an awful lot of troops. So the team { any tank } / { any dragon } / { any generator } / TDS is usually powerful. If they can do “3 dragons and TDS” even more so. This also starts generating about 5x-10x more souls per combat. It’s a big deal.

Infernus or Ubastet are less dramatic. Infernus is the more versatile of the two. Offensively, it can go on a wide variety of teams, but you need to feed it properly. Infernus isn’t very powerful until you can combine it with Divine Ishbaala. Neither is Ubastet, and we prefer to pair Ubastet with Infernus or some other troop that can soften the targets quickly. So while “three troops and Infernus” is usually a decent team, this isn’t as true for players at the “I have my first mythic” phase as it was for TDS and players at “I have no way to soul farm”.

Megavore falls kind of in the Infernus slot, but might be more valuable. There are cheap other teams that it slots nicely into, I just don’t know them by heart like I do Divines.

So. Yao Guai. I think it’s more like Ubastet in that if you get it with no other support, it isn’t as exciting. You really need Tai-Pan to make YG shine. It pairs super well with Queen Titania. All said and done, the YG teams take very specific shapes, and those shapes require other troops without many viable substitutes. So while I agree it’s very powerful (and the Tai-Pan meta is scary good), I think it’s still more wise to get Infernus and Ishbaala first. But, if someone wants to make the argument that YG + Queen Titania on the basis of “you probably have Tai-Pan by the time you get them”, I think it’s not a bad plan.

But I’m going to stick to my idea that TDS, then Divines, then Megavore, then “whatever you want” is the plan.

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