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So, there is TDS in forge

I’ve been waiting to craft something for weeks. Idk if this is a good moment or its better to keep acumulating diamonds for my first mythic. (I’ve opened thousand of chest and seems I’ve never will open a mythic).

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TDS is a freaking strong troop and more effective than a wide variety of Mythics. However, if you want to save for something even harder to acquire, then you should save. There are Mythics that are stronger.

According to data-mining, there is an event set in Dragons Claw to happen, but it won’t be in the next month and we don’t know when it will be. I wouldn’t recommend waiting to use event keys to get TDS that way.

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All says that the best bet its wait, but 4000 diamonds for a mythic… It’s too much waiting for 1 troop.

Here’s my opinion.

You should start your journey assuming you are going to save up for 4,000 diamonds and get a Mythic. In particular, you want to set your sights on Infernus, Pharos-Ra, or The Worldbreaker.

But if, along the way, you see The Dragon Soul and you don’t already have it, you take it. TDS should be a mythic based on how powerful it is. I have almost exclusively used a TDS team since building it at level 400, and at level 1108 it’s STILL my most consistent team.


TDS is a huge advantage early-mid game. still hold its ground endgame. even untraited.


In my opinion, TDS on an early stage account is more of a gamechanger than even the likes of even some of the best mythics. It is worth the 800 diamonds… it actually might be the only legendary in the game that is actually worth the 800 diamonds. Even just the soul aspect… it is much easier to fit TDS into a team for some passive soul income or put him in a semi-fast explore team than it is any other soul generator. There are mythics that are stronger, but almost nothing does as much as TDS, particularly early on. Infernus is really really good for raw power and fast PvP, but it won’t get you souls, nor will most setups that use Infernus. Pharos gives you the ability to gain souls twice as fast as any non-Pharos setup… after traiting it with 42 arcanes and using it in very specific setups that generally slow down battles, costing you a bit of secondary income based on which mode you are playing (gold/traitstones).

So, yeah, basically…


Thanks, finally I decided to craft him. Now I need advice for good TDA teams, exploring and pvp ones.

Thank you very much to everyone!


My low level explore soul farm team for a while was:

Elspeth needs full traits and Zombie needs two. Sacrifice a zombie, blow up the board, sacrifice the second zombie if TDS needs mana, blow up the board, cast whatever is available left to win. Decent speed for both traitstones and souls. Elspeth is a bit of a commitment to trait, but she’s still useful in a few speed setups (though she has been usurped by Fire Bomb in most of the fastest setups). She is available in the Silverglade questline if you haven’t picked her up yet.

For PvP, it depends on what other dragon legendaries you have. You can put TDS with basically any three dragons, but you want him as far back in the team as you can while remaining unblocked on both colors. Dragonian Monk/Dragotaur/TDS/Dragonian Rogue is a fairly easily available one, but you can sub in some of the better damaging legendary dragons if you have them to speed things alone. Dragon Soul can work in non-dragon teams as well as a mana generator and light AoE damage.


For PVP:

“TDS and any three dragons” is a good bet for an early player. You’ve likely got dragons. Consider putting TDS in the third slot so he can dodge Emperor Khorvash, who is a menace once you start reaching the mid tiers. One of my early teams was:

Dragotaur / TDS / Venbarak / Dragonian Monk

Dragotaur is pretty great because it boosts team attack. Dragonian Monk’s barriers were really useful. However, as I grew, barrier became less of a help and I got more dragons. I used this team forever:

Gorgotha / TDS / Venbarak / Dragotaur

Then I pulled The Worldbreaker, and he sat in the last position. Having more explosion potential from Gorgotha/TDS/Worldbreaker made the team very consistent. My final change was:

Gorgotha / Glitterclaw / TDS / The Worldbreaker

This has good Khorvash resistance and does a sick amount of damage. (Note it took me a long time to realize Khorvash was really cramping my team.)

It just takes some color considerations and waiting on good dragons.

For farming:

“TDS and 2-3 Necromancy” makes a good soul farming team. They won’t be fast until you’ve leveled up kingdoms, powered up kingdoms, AND ascended most of your cards to Legendary/Mythic. Soul farming’s always a little slower than traitstone/total kills farming, but you make up for it by getting hundreds of souls per match.

The fastest explore/challenge teams finish the match in 2-3 moves. TDS doesn’t do enough damage to reliably do that. But most people add it because getting 40 souls at the cost of a few seconds is more important to them than squeezing out more matches per hour. Until VERY late in the game, I think they’re right.



What about…

Dragonian Monk
Bone dragon
The Dragon Soul

Other dragons I have are sylvanimora, dimetraxia, Dragonette, Dragonian rogue, Emperina…

Edit: Just opened Sheggra…

I love the combination of Sylvanimora and TDS (especially good if Sylvanimora is traited since he entangles the lead opponent troop on 4 matches). Both are good mana generators and do substantial AOE damage.

With those dragons, I might go:
Dragonian Monk
Sylvanimora (or Dragotaur)
Either: Dragonian Rogue (to get some blue) or Emperina, or a random troop with necromancy like Acolyte or Warlock (if you want to focus on generating more souls).

It is important to have TDS not mana-blocked and preferably in 3rd slot. If you pick up Celestasia or Borealis, they both make a good lead troop with Sylvanimora and TDS (since you have all 6 colors covered). Krystenax is another great lead troop on that team if you happen to pick him up.


My team for most of the game was Asha/Dragotaur/TDS/Leviathan (until I got first Elemaugrim and then Worldbreaker to take last slot). Before I got Leviathan, I had Dimetraxia in last slot and she did well, but Krystenax would also be a superior choice if you get him.

Basically, any dragon works, but I liked Dragotaur for its trait to block skull damage and for keeping the dragons buffed. And I know a lot of people will now scream at me for Asha in first position blocking colors both from TDS and Dragotaur, but if you go in with Abyssal Banner, Asha can be who actually fills TDS by making blue gems red or purple.

If you want to sacrifice a bit of damage from TDS by picking a non-dragon, I am going to say something even crazier now and suggest Erinyes. As long as your dragons don’t die and her stupid Quasits get summoned, she is an excellent choice for newer players to get more purple on the board. I know most people would recommend the superior Trolls (for valid reasons), but I just like having board control and not random gem spawn.

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TDS is basically mandatory for soul farming teams in the early / middle game. It’ll save you crazy amounts of time and effort when leveling your troops.

Late game he’s still useful for soul farming, although owning Pharos changes the math a bit.

But yeah, if TDS is available in the Soulforge and you don’t already have him, craft him ASAP.


TDS and krystenax work really well together. I would forge that if you don’t yet have Krys.

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Krystenax / Sylvanimora
Dragon Soul
Sylvanimora / Elemaugrim / Worldbreaker

Abyssal Banner (+2 purple +1 red -1 yellow) and never mana block TDS.

As has been said, basically any set of dragons will do… Venbarak and Dragonian Monk for instance. Dragotaur, Bone Dragon and Sheggra have different win conditions (skulls) but are still useful, particularly Dragotaur for the stat boost.

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Yeah what @shimrra said. I settled on KNax KNax TDS Sylvanimora. Abysmal banner :slight_smile:

I don’t own Krystenax so I will try with:

Bone Dragon (first place for its freeze effect)
Sylvanimora (I’m not sure if dragotaur is better, the entangle sounds good)
Dragon Soul


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Just to chime in with my 2 cents. Crafting isn’t so much for when you have 4,000 to craft a actual mythic. Its meant to craft ANY available troop its listing that may benefit you best at your current stage of development. If a troop can vastly increase your functionality as a player, then by all means go for it. Do not sit and let it pass, clinging to them until you have 4,000. All the while struggling. Do what matters at the time. That’s the main thing to consider always.

A fun mostly dragon team you can do if you get a chance (especially if you do not possess Infernus) :


edit If you do not have Kystenax you can mix it around as you posted with Bone Dragon, or another troop you have available that works in combination.


I think that will be good - just watch out for similar teams that will try to entangle your first troop. If you can’t do skull damage with that team, it could be a slow battle, though you still have TDS and Sylvanimora as AOE backups.