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Apothecary gold bonus not working

My gold multiplier is 2.25. With apothecary that should raise to 2.5.
The fight should yield 1393. I end up with 3359.
If my multiplier would have been 2.5 I would have ended up with more than 3482 (due to match 4/5).

If I use the multiplier 2.25, I should have more than 3134. This is correct as I got a lot of matches 4/5.

Or am I missing something? Apothecary was not stunned or anything at the end of the fight

Merchant trait only applies to the gold earned in battle, not the PvP bonus.

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Apothecary modifies the gold earned in battle, pre-cap. This is the same as Alchemist, or Valkyrie for souls. Each in-battle resource is capped, and then multiplied by the value you see on the world map.

The only ways to increase the post-cap multiplier are:

  • Wear Armor
  • Pay for VIP levels
  • Increase difficulty levels (outside of PVP)
  • Earn the guild statue bonus (for Souls [purple] and XP [blue])

The formula for gold earned in a fight is:
gtotal = (gpvp + min((gmatch * modtraits), 105)) * modglobal


You forget in your formula the trait bonus ;-).

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Ah yes. Thank you, amending.

Alright, that’s the part I was missing. I think it used to be different long time ago when I was playing alchemist.
So the trait is quite useless.

@Lyya you mean max rather than min. But thanks for the formula!

No, I meant min. You get whichever is smaller of 105 and the per-match gold, modified by traits.

You’re absolutely right: lesson learned: don’t reply at 5am :slight_smile: