Merchant trait doesn't seem to be working

Merchant: 25% bonus Gold at the end of battle.

To test it, I fought the same opponent twice.
First, with a traited Alchemist. And then without:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t the gold be over 4000 with a 25% increase?

The trait applies before the calculation at the end, allowing you to get to the gold cap in a battle faster, but not surpass it.

Okay, but how does that match the description? :confused:

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It doesnt, and the description should be changed. I feel it is misleading, and disheartening when you find out the truth. I was thinking they were finally going to make grinding for resources less annoying.

Thanks for the help. Guess I’ll stick with my faster, non-Alchemist team since the gold difference is negligible.

Pretty disappointing huh? Kind of a massive waste of trait stones

So, the 25% is before all other bonuses, heh figures. What even is the gold cap though??

160 gold, if I am not mistaken.


So can someone confirm tht merchant now triggers at the end?

Merchant has nothing to do with the gold you get from the pvp (as in the gold you see when you pick your enemy). It only applies to the cap of the “extra” gold that you can farm during the game … by 4/5 matches or troops generating gold … (now that you have the resource counter, you see the 0/100 gold there right?) with merchant you can collect up to 125 gold inside of the game, rather than 100 - that’s about it.

Then THAT gold (125) gets added to the base gold you saw on the pvp screen and that number is multiplied by your armor / difficulty / VIP / whatever else gives gold multiplier). Which means that MERCHANT trait gives you maybe 50-70 gold per battle on average? relatively worthless trait (which might change when new kingdom comes with the troops basing their dmg on gold collected WITHIN that single game).


It means that, like the cake, the gold is also a Lie!