Anyone play dungeons and dragons?

Anyone play? I’m dming a 5e campaign.

I’m old-school - used to play a lot of 2e, 3e and 3.5e. Waiting for my kids to get old enough to read and calculate dice odds and I’ll pick one of these new-fangled systems (5e, Pathfinder or something else) to DM for them. :slight_smile:

Sirrian and I occassional play 5e with some friends (2 of which are new to d&d). Sirrian is the DM.

Why does this not surprise me?

What’s your character @Nimhain ?

I’m currently playing a wood elf ranger (specializing in Archery) called Elwaes Lost.

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BWAHAHA! Great name.

Are you guys playing homebrew or a written campaign?

Sirrian is running a Homebrew campaign

So when are we going to get a GoW adventure? Hehe?

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I made a custom class to simulate a captain America character if you would like to see…

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I have a group of friends and we all rotate DM, which means we have a 3.5, a 5, a Pathfinders, a Star Wars, and some weird new one we’re trying that I’m blanking on.

I’ve never actually played DnD, only Pathfinder. It’s fun!

Pathfinder is basically 3.5 Plus. They fixed a lot of the stuff that was broken, obnoxious, under/over-powered, etc. in 3.5. They’ve also rolled out a lot of great new content over time. We wouldn’t play 3.5 any more if it weren’t for the fact that it’s the longest-running campaign, by far.

I LOVE 5e, it is so much more streamlined than 3.x or pathfinder. Don’t get be me wrong those games are great also, but 5e just plays smootj!

We’ve only recently started playing it (i.e., we play once/week and rotate between 4-5 games so our characters are level 2 or 3). So far we all like it but we know the others so well that the learning phase is still very much in progress. A lot of, “What do I get at level 4?”, “What’s the deal with Feats again?”, “What save is it?”, etc.

Yea the saves post threw me off for a bit. All in all I’m a huge fan, there’s enough 3.x in it that it scratched that itch really well.