Arcemius' Art Thread - Newest: Big Johnny Bronze


Hello to all!

Thank you for taking interest in my art, as I’ve never really posted or expressed my drawings and art before.

I figured, since I love Gems of War, and I love the community, why not throw it out right here and see what the Gems community thinks about my work.

I accept any criticism and feedback, so long as it is constructive and not needlessly hurtful. Thanks again to anyone viewing, it’s what makes it all worth it!

I will begin posting works shortly.


Here is an uncolored version of a character I was working on for a little project.


Interesting piece, i can’t help it but i get a “Highlander” vibe out of this character.


calling all @Saltypatra and @Lyya 's who would love this! :smiley:


It was my personification of Heimdall. So, you’re quite correct in that vibe, keep trusting your ferret instincts.


This is one of the character’s I drew for my old team back when I used to DnD. This was a Dragonborn Sorcerer.


This is gorgeous @Arcemius!


Thank you so much, drawing and writing are my passion.


I love the detailing :slight_smile: nice work all around!


Thank you, you’re the reason I even posted my work here, so I’m glad to hear you say that!


Another one of my DnD player’s characters. His was a halfling rogue.


Here is our annoying yet charismatic gnomish Warlock from my DnD sessions.


I bet your DnD team let your characters die often just to make you create and draw new ones. :slight_smile:


I love the clothing details on this one. :heart_eyes_cat: I’d have fun recreating this is 3D.


Hmmm, pretty sure Divinia was inspired by your Dragonborn Sorcerer haha :wink:


@Gouki Our DM tried very hard to kill us, but we were just too good ;p

@Ashasekayi I’d love to see a 3D rendering of it. Once I get more time, I’m going to get back into it.

@Elarcadia Lol. She does look a lot like Divinia. Our dragonborn’s name was Silivarr, as she was named after her silver scales.


This was my first character that I played. He was a Dwarven Cleric with no memories and no concept for the monetary value of tangible things. Sadly, I rushed this drawing, since he was my own character, so I didn’t detail a lot of the armor.


Chibis… That is all.


Thoas the Half-Orc. A concept illustration for one of my old DnD buddies’ books.


One of our players played an alcoholic Minotaur with a fetish for breaking down doors… don’t ask.