Any Guild wants a loyal player?

Hi, I am level 322 and second in my Guild at the moment.

Thing is, since the new patch, my Guild has stopped contribiting any gold at all and I still give gold every single day. I need to leave but feel disloyal towards my Guils since I never, ever left a Guild in any game that I have played.

I play for fun ( I admit) but I play every day at least 2-4 hours and it breaks my heart but currently I am the only one giving gold, thus, no rewards as it takes at least a mont to get a single Guild reward.

So, short story. Anyone needs a player that plays every day 2-4 hours. I’m not great but I am loyal and will contribute. I do my tasks and grind the rest of the week.

Please let me know if anyone wants me.

Would you be interested in joining a top 50 guild?

Our minimum requirements are pretty low (15k / week), but that’s for people who doesn’t have all kingdoms lvl 10. People beyond that point usually spend around 200k, but that’s up to them !

If you are interested try reaching out to @JasonAshcroft


Thanx for getting back to me so quick.

Yes, yes and Hell yes!

I have all kingdoms to level 8 at the moment and will give at least 15K a week since I am doing more that that now anyways.

I am a bit stupid when it gets to HOW-TO-DO-INTERNET-THINGS so forgive my next question. How do I contact that person via the forum?

Thanx in advance.

Ahh, just clicked on the name you send me.

I will send him a message now. Thanx!

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