Anu's sceptre? wtf? :-)


Is it me and am I the only one smiling at the name of this weapon? :stuck_out_tongue:

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You’re not the only one smiling.

I guess we dutch have a dirty mind.:smiley:


Haha, surely it’s not only funny in Dutch? The devs really must have thought something at the time. :smile:


I also read it that way the first time. :laughing:


“Beware were you put it” Kappa


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I would love to say that name was intentional, but that slipped by the Design Team, the Production Team, and 2 levels of Quality Assurance.

I can safely say that NOTHING gets past the Gems of War Community though! :laughing:


I’d say give the dev or designer who came up with that a raise. :stuck_out_tongue: