Thank you, Devs, for Being Anti-Censorship

Hello all,

During this difficult time when other developers are actively revising card art to be more modest, Gems of War gives us Queen Xochi.

Never ever ever change. Ever.

PS. Harpy Mage seems a bit weird. Like head size versus waist size and that neck angle. I thought Gemhammer had a big weird head, but Harpy Mage takes the cake.

I’m pretty sure showing underboob and/or cleavage isn’t always 100% a political statement. Mercy’s part of promotional artwork and she’s got more titty than the average troop.

Same time if I want ludicrous titty in my game that’s what waifu gachas are for. I don’t waste time trying to find other games that flex the muscle.

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I, for one, welcome our new well endowed harpy overlords


@Zepp Devs? Anti-censorship? Yeah, no. They release cards like Queen Xochi and other titty showing slags, yet a player in my guild can’t have the name sugartits cause the devs found it offensive. So… it would be awesome if they were anti-censorship, but they aren’t.


And there are troop names you can’t type in Global chat without triggering the profanity censor.

Like, for example…Cockatrice.


Can’t they make certain exceptions? I find this political correctness BS a new form of insanity.


Whoa… you can’t attack the mentally ill like that. Need to add ‘that’ word to censor list :thinking:

Thanks for demonstrating that the phrase “political correctness” can’t show up in a thread without someone immediately whining how they should be able to use insulting slurs for other people with no consequence.

That’s exactly the level of discourse I expect from people celebrating harpy titties as a victory over the guborment.


A possible explanation would be that Champion of Gaard have had a menage à trois with Lady and Lord Ironbeard and their offspring is the Harpy mage…