My Shower Thoughts about Gems of War

Merry holidays everyone! I’ve played this game for several months, and wanna to share some of my shower thoughts about it. Just for fun and wish you all have a great holiday :grin:

  • Infernus is the GoW version of Ragnaros from Blizzard’s Warcraft universe.

  • There are so many powerful and/or controversial weapons named with letter ‘D’: DB (Dawnbringer), DP (Divine Protector), DE (Dragon’s Eyes).

  • Why is Dawnbringer a Sword? Which part of it looks like a sword?

  • We have very similar archetypes like card games: aggro (Empowered + exploders + heavy hitters), combo or OTK (infinite loops), control (freeze, entangle, web themed, etc.).

  • Following the above similarity, The Possessed King’s 3rd trait makes the board change faster thus the loop between two troops (e.g. Giant Spider + Green Seer) become more reliable. So TPK is like card drawing engine in card games.

i read “my shower thoughts” and got excited then noticed it was about gems :frowning:

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Not much “shower thoughts”, but thoughts about how troops were greatly designed before:

Deep Borer -> Steam Powered (Red/Blue) Destroys a Column (Digs down, there is a way to that could allow it do dig formward destroying a roll) generates Brown Gems (throwing soil all around as it digs.)

Rock Worm: More or less the same as the Deep Borer in many sense, attacks the last enemy because it’s an underground attack.

Treant: Gains attack and armor removing brown gems is literally taking sustenance from the soil, removing the gems is like consuming them and making the battlefield (board) “poor” for a while (until new gems appears for some reason).

These days i believe there are good designs too, but my general feeling about most designs is basically:

Good Troop/Weapon: Explode the whole board twice, tranforms all enemies into baby dragons with 1/4th of their original level, gain barrier, half mana back, drain all the mana from allies and enemies, devour a random enemy, gain half mana back again and an extra turn.

Regular Troop/Weapon: Utter garbage in almost evey sense. 60% chance of having poor or traced artwork. You still need it to advance your kingdom stars.

Bad Troop/Weapon with high rarity: You thought we couldn’t do worse? Hahahaha, jokes on you mate…