Poor art design of new mythic troop Champion of Gaard

I am a digital art designer myself and I’ve worked with a lot of different digital companies for many years. I’m here to say that I think Gems of War seriously need some better art designers. Take a look at some old troops especially low rarity cards . The shadow and light contrast, color, and the texture detail of them surely looked better than the new ones. Some pieces of work I wanna mention here: Alastair, Bone dragon, Dive Ishbaala, and Mercy. Look at the shadow effect, contrast to the background, and the detail even on their face expression.

But look at the newest mythic Champion of Gaard… The pink smoke behind him is poorly done, and also the face of the knight, is lacking so much detail and looked blurry. If you don’t understand what I’m saying, make a comparison to Champion of Anu, I’m sure you will feel the difference. This is not different art style, but different amount of time and effort they put into this. We can see it by a glance.

To me, this is a piece of rushed out work, or maybe made by people who don’t really care what they are gonna put out to the public. Maybe hire some passionate people to work for your art department. These kind of work or, I should say attitude really need some adjustment.

However, We are just some random people on the internet, saying things probably don’t really matter to you but honest true. So no need to get offended so easily.


I’m nicknaming him Cpt. Tinyhead.


I am not an expert, but I believe you’re right about this.

The latest troop art is disturbing. I think that the head is too tiny and not proportionate to rest of the body. It feels wrong.

I also noticed several troops that have probably some visual glitches, one I can think of, I forgot about the others, is Bonnie Rose. Just check both hands and those fingers.

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Horrible. A child in a man’s armor.

When I read between the lines of what they’ve told us: they don’t have in-house artists. They outsource to a shop. That means they don’t always get the same artists and quality’s all over the board. Sometimes it means they get a copy/pasted asset from another game. Sometimes it means they get a traced stock photo. Art ain’t cheap.

Maybe we can get some flash offers for alternate troop art?

Reverse Lord Faarquad?

This Paladin reminds me of Arthas, at least partially, copied from Warcraft III.

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If you pay well, you should get a well-done art. Gems of War deserves this.
I read somewhere on this Forum that they have Blizzard artists, or that this team was doing the art for other major companies, like Blizzard. I am not sure. Developers know, so we should ask @Sirrian.

Oh I agree. One of the more disappointing things I’ve found in my adult life is how very few people actually set out to do the job you pay them for. Also disappointing: how few people take any factor of pride in their work.

I would be willing to bet there are a handful of Blizzard artists in the rotation and we could play “guess the artist”. (It makes me a little sad the artists aren’t credited [on the art], as they are in some other art-heavy games.) There are also a handful of “Blizzard artists”, in that I think now 3 troops have had to be pulled because the art they submitted was stolen from another game’s assets.

I imagine for their budget GoW has about the best solution they can get. I wish they could full-time hire a Blizzard or WotC-quality artist team. The best I can do to that end is buy the flash offers that tickle my fancy.

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Okay, thanks Fiara. Yes, this was the post.

Champion of Gaard is amazing compared to Frost Archer.

Don’t compare, then you will see that it’s not.