Improving Gems of War Translations

Hey Guys,

Do you speak fluent French, Spanish or Italian? Would you like to help out the Gems team with our translations?

PM me if interested to help improve Gems of Wars Translations!
(Native speakers would be awesome)

Sorry, only German and Greek here, with a smattering of Smurf. Even my Quenya is more than rusty.

Well, the original word for smurf is the French schtroumpf, so I’m sure between the two of us we can make something good happens. “Lady Sapphira - deals x schtroumpf to the schtroumpf, and gain x schtroumpf”. That would make it clearer for the new players as well, wouldn’t it? ^^

Well, when we want to expand the game to Middle Earth, you’ll be on the top of my list.

I’m told though that we sound better in the original Klingon.

If there are any plans for Dutch, I am your man. :smile:

That would be for language learners though. For the advanced speaker it should read: “Lady Sapphira - schtroumps x schtroumpf schtroumpf (remember it is not just damage she deals, but true damage) to the schtroumpf, and schtroumpfs x schtroumpf.”

I can help you with both Spanish and Portuguese translations. I’m a native Portuguese speaker and i live in Spain for almost 10 years, so i can definitely help with that. Tell me more about the subject.


~ Meelkud ~

We have found someone to help us with French.

Thank you everyone who has contacted me already!

We have someone to help us with Italian.

Ages old this post - but I can help you turn Australian English into English English :smile:

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Strewth, Cobber! I dunno what the wombat yer wafflin’ on about! Crikey! Doesn’t every Yank and Pom understand Strine?


I’m a native spanish speaker. :v:

We have people helping us for every language. They’ve been awesome!

But Dutch is still missing! :slight_smile:
I’m your man if you ever want to translate to Dutch. Oh I keep forgetting, we speak English too well. :sweat_smile:

Er… directions? to the station? ah, with two sugars? yes, the blue one please Mrs Brown…

Hi, I would like to help fixing and correcting issues (wrong translation, typo, missing translation of new contents) with the Italian translation and I also have some suggestions. I cannot send you a pm because I’m a new user.

Hi Mik0,

We already have a Italian translator from the community, but I’ll write your name down, in case any thing comes up.

Thank you. Anyway the translator already contacted me and we decided that I’ll try to report to him the issues I found so that he can fix them.

I however wanted to suggest something the could benefit all the translation. As you know, english words often translate into longer words in other languages. In your game the font size change to accomodate that but it cannot solve the problem entirely. Many times the text become too small and even overflow the borders becoming not readable and the translator cannot always come up with a way to go around that.
I suggest to take into account the average length for a specific text in all the languages and design the UI accordingly so that, with together with the font resizing, most of the text would be readable without being too much noticeable.
Right now there are text in the UI that could be expanded without issue (for instance the hero class in the top left part of the main window).

Do you devs have any interested in translating the game into Brazilian Portuguese? If it’s in your plans, as a professional translator specialized in games, I could assemble a team for that job. If you’re interested, we could discuss it in private (you can probably view my email address, or just send me a PM).

Thank you for reading. :slight_smile:

Hi Mako,

At the moment we’re not looking at translating into Brazilian Portuguese. I will write your name down, in case this ever changes.

Thank you!