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Animation Issue?

I’m having a strange issue with animations playing at the end of all combos, rather than during the combo. For example…


So for example, if the AI were to get 5 cascades in a row, all the special animations would happen at the end. For example, the explosion animations. The gems would all disappear and the board will refill, but the “dust cloud” animations will play after all gems have stopped falling.

Have a look at the below with multiple match messages on screen at once. I feel certain this is a change from previous behaviour where the match messages would appear when the match occurs, not after all the animations.


Is anyone else seeing this? Is this normal behaviour now? Watching Tacet’s streams, I can’t see the same behaviour occuring at all, and I assume he is playing on the Steam client on the same version I’m on. I can try and work out how to record video if required, as at the moment, after a big cascade the screen just turns into a mess of messages and delayed animations.

I have something similar when frame rate drops down during long session, longer than an hour. There might be some memory leak or conflict. Simple restarting should cure it. If you note your memory usage, that might be helpful.

On iPhone it does that when “power save” is turned on in the settings.

Hey @Arnifix,

This problem generally happens when on 4x speed and the device drops frames with all the animations are going on. As polyester mentioned above, this is more prone to happen when Power Save mode is enabled, as we also limit the framerate to save battery life. If you disable Power Save mode or lower the animation speed, this shouldn’t happen, otherwise, the game will still play as intended, just all the animations will stack up and play only when it is the player’s turn again.

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Thanks @GoldPhoenix0. This is frustrating. Power saving mode is disabled, and i am on 4x but I always have been and this didn’t used to be an issue. I wonder what has changed to nuke me down into the doldrums. I wouldn’t imagine my machine specs are limiting GOW in any way (none that I can detect, anyway).

I’ll dig a bit further. Cheers!

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