Game shaking & stuttering - prevents play

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Recently this has been happening a lot. I have not changed anything.

All of a sudden, for no reason I can discern, the game suddenly starts stuttering and jerking, almost as if it has gotten overloaded. The screen shakes with every movement. It gets stuck when you try and move gems leading to mis-hits, mistakes and other generally frustrating errors because the game is clearly struggling with something.

It is so bad I cannot play because it hurts my eyes, and I’m sure it wouldn’t be good for people with epilepsy.

I have tried: clearing the cache, forcing stop, opening and closing the game, restarting my phone… everything I can think of. Everything is updated fully. I’m using Android 11 on Samsung Galaxy S10fe.

It doesn’t matter what aspect of the game is being played, it even affects the scrolling movement on the main screen. It happens seemingly at random and the only thing I cam do is wait to play the game again, sometimes for hours (it doesn’t matter if servers are degraded or not). The rest of my phone and apps are not affected so it must be the game.

Any help would be much appreciated. As an officer in my Guild it makes it very difficult to do what I need to do and is ruining the enjoyment of the game. Thank you.

(I have taken a screen capture video but can’t for the life of me find on here how to upload it because it’s not the correct file format)

@SgtSocks that sounds very strange! If it’s easier please upload the video to dropbox or send it to us in a support ticket

Please let me know your ticket # if you send it via ticket.

Thank you! This is driving me batshit crazy.

Ticket 101954

replied, you should be able to see an ‘attach file’ button on the ticket now

Hi @Kafka - I replied twice to the actual ticket, the last asking to whom I should send the video via Dropbox as it was refusing to attach. I’d be grateful for a reply. It did it to me again mid battle in the Guild Event, almost lost the battle and did lose the Valraven. It then took two hours before I could play it again without the issues described. Thank you.