Animation ghosting on screen? ...Gloom Leaf?

I know I’ve mentioned this a couple times now in other discussions, where I get some ghosting of an animation once in a while. Where it should go away after the hit, as it does normally, but it stays on screen and for the most part it’s usually transparent enough that it’s simply annoying. - But last night the animation that did this was not that transparent, and I couldn’t even see anyone on the opposing team, as well as some of the outer board? … I was able to finish them off, just slamming them constantly with Gorgotha and after the match it went back to normal, but this is getting to be a pain. :confused:

Also, now that this has happened maybe 10 or so times, I realized I may have found the one common in all this. … It only appears to be happening when I fire off Gloom Leaf? - When he hits the entire opposing team to steal their armor/attack, the animation that zooms outward toward the viewer is what is freezing up on the screen, and I don’t recall this happening with any others? At least not that I can recall.

I did take a couple screenshots showing both, (the usual transparent ones, as well as the not-so-transparent one from last night) with the XB1, but will see if I can post them for examples when I get home tonight. (presently at work) - never used the capture image on XB1 and tried to share it, so not sure what method is needed? But if nothing else, will take a shot with my phone and post.

Anyone else having this issue?


Can you get a video or screenshot for us?

Sorry, was having some technical difficulties, so had to simply take a couple screenshots with the camera. (hope they show up ok) … The first one shows how it gets from time to time, but this is quite light in comparison. The second one shows when it happened the other night, which was the worst it’s been, as I stated above.

Most of the time when this happens, it’s usually somewhere between the two examples. Where you can make out the stuff in the background, but it is quite annoying and hard to see.

As I stated above, so far I can only recall this happening whenever I fire off Gloom Leaf. But I would recon that any troop who had the ability to hit all opposing team could create the same, if it uses the same animation? Just guessing of course.

Thanks again

Cheers! I’ll pass this on to the rest of the team.

Thanks, hopefully they find a fix for it.

Hey Dave,

I’ve passed this onto @505GamesSupport, as this seems to be a console issue (I missed that earlier) so our guys can’t fix it.

Thanks Kindly. - It hasn’t been as bad lately, though I am still experiencing it from time to time. Luckily it’s been more transparent so hopefully they get to look into it soon.

Thanks again

I get this all the time as well, though nowhere near as bad as the second example shown. That is eye-killing.

I have this issue with Luther though, as I haven’t used Gloom Leaf. And I have a friend who has it when using Luther or Brian the Lucky.

Yeah, I’ve only had it happen to me that bad the one time. (So far) But I actually did have it happen to me again a few times over this past weekend. and with different troops as well. - Sacred Guardian’s shield stayed lightly displayed (ghosted) one of the times I used his ability. And I can’t remember who the other one was, but it does show that it will indeed happen with other troops though. But it seems to happen more frequently with Gloom. … Or maybe with anyone who’s animation affects the entire opposing team. Such as you describe with Luther, who if I’m not mistaken, makes everybody’s shields/armor animate?

Though I’m glad to learn I’m not alone in this, I certainly wouldn’t have wished it on ya! :wink: … Hopefully they can get it worked out soon. More of an annoyance, but still be nice if it didn’t happen.

PS - Did I read somewhere that you play on PS4, or am I mistaken? Just wondering, since I was curious if this was strictly an XB1 thing, or if it affected consoles in general.


Yes I’m on PS4. I don’t think Luther makes the opposing teams armor animate, as he doesn’t effect it. The same goes for Brian the Lucky. I’m guessing that a lot of troops can do it, but that it happens more often with troops that do more animations at once.

Yeah, sorry, that’s what I meant to say his own team. But as you say, it seems to happen more frequently when the animation involves more then just the one troop.


happens very often. Let devs do their job and fix this.

I get that too, I uninstalled and reinstalled the game, helped for a while, takes too long to keep doing it every time though.

Yeah, it can be a pain sometimes. But most of the time it’s more an annoyance, since you can still see through it. But when it’s real bad like I showed above, there’s nothing you can do but try to finish that battle so it resets for the next time. … Hopefully this will be one of the things that gets fixed with the upcoming update.

If I might ask, are you on PS4 or XB1? Just wondering if folks on PS4 get this as much as XB1. I’m on XB1 myself.

EDIT: just read on another post you mention you are on PS4. :slightly_smiling:

I’m on ps4, can get traffic cycle to see lol.