Bugs and glitches I saved while playing

The game said I won a new weapon and I didn’t get any.

The shield animation is stuck on screen.

When I open the game, the first screen displayed is a big red ( ? ).

Seems on ps4 its not just the sheild annamation that sticks, almost every time gloom leaf hits me his red atk debuff sticks, also had luthers +atk buff stick

Yeah, same for XB1. Gloom seems to be the biggest component, but others do it at times as well. … As for the weapon, I’ve had that a few times myself. And though it didn’t show anything new, I have a couple times found a new one in my list. But pretty sure 1 or 2 times i didn’t get one. (At least not one I could find as being new)

If those are the only bugs you’ve seen then consider yourself lucky. The console version is looooooaded with bugs and glitches.

My list of bugs(Xbox One)
1: Game hard freezing when loading up if you try to start game too quick before letting profile image fully load
2: PvP matches counting towards arena tasks(Keep this one, it’s convenient)
3: Win 5 defense task only needs 3 defense wins
4: Shield/attack animations getting stuck in game like shown above
5: In league list top 2 guilds both show as rank 1
6: Guild chat randomly replacing entire sentences with ****. Very annoying. Sometimes make guild chat impossible
7: On rare occasions you can donate to a guild task and have an error message pop up at same time. Gold still goes to task but isn’t deducted from player
8: Error messages constantly popping up. At least once an hour. Sometimes they go into an infinite loop and I have to force close the game to stop them.
9: A rare PvP bug that sticks an incorrectly labeled person into defend list that can’t be fought and won’t go away until reset the next day
10: Some troops with abilities that “hit the first 2 enemies” hitting something like the 1st and 3rd enemy.
11: Quitting a PvP match at any point does not give a loss or deduct trophies. Making it to where you can keep a flawless PvP record. I like this one. PvP is so luck based sometimes I don’t feel I deserve a trophy deduction when the AI gets 15 4 pairs in the first 2 turns and activates 2-4 complete rounds of abilities in the same time
12: Sometimes the game will retract troop upgrades. I’ve had tasks where I’ve had to train a troop to 15, so I train a certain troop that I remember to 15 and get the task reward. I’ll log in a few hours later and that troop will be something like level 12.
13: The tasks that says something like “Beat a team with a banner from X kingdom”. You just have to beat a battle in that kingdom, it in no way has anything to do with what troops or banner you use".

I’ve also seen numbers 2, 3, and 10. I’ve never tried quitting a PvP match so can’t comment on 11, except that “PvP is so luck based” implies there are parts of this game that are not so luck based? What?

Here’s a screenshot illustrating number 3…

…which leads me into…

13: Win 20 invasions task requires 40 invasions. Either make it actually 20, or increase the reward, because 40 is kind of a lot.

At first I thought maybe the “Win 5 defense requires 3” thing was a too-subtle Monty Python and the Holy Grail reference, to go along with the Holy Symbol and the Knight Coronet, but then I saw the “Win 20 invasions requires 40”.

14:. The “Win any battle with the banner from <kingdom>” task is incredibly unreliable. I can win battles with that banner for hours and the task never completes. Actually the whole banners and kingdom-mana-bonus system seems screwy.

15: The “Champion” achievement is similarly buggy. I had challenges mastered all over, including two full kingdoms’ worth, and no achievement. Then I beat the first challenge in a new kingdom, one star, and the achievement unlocked.

Yeah, I’ve seen many of the ones mentioned above as well. But figured they have been mentioned many times here already, I didn’t go back into them. … As for the one above about using the banner. Yep, it’s not as stated. You have to use that banner, but also battle in that kingdom itself before it will complete properly.

A fun one:
If you have a keyboard connected and accidentally hit a button during a match (hehe puns) the whole thing will freeze and you can’t move the cursor. Tried wasd, arrows, and unplugging keyboard after it froze and nothing worked. Did not freeze the system, and music continues, but only option is to close application

Phew it’s not just my copy… Good list guys.

I have the Xbox One version and have experenced most of those issues listed above including the freezing frame animation. Never had that big red question mark though. LOL

The PvP “retreat and get no loss” I just found out a week ago. I play the matches to the end, but was on an obvious losing battle, so I retreated… WOW. No loss!