Android issues haven't been able to play in 3 days

So I play on an android I purchased something from the store and the Game crashed.haven’t been able to play for three days. Anyone else experiencing this? I put in a rocket but haven’t gotten a response!

Do you use google play? If so your game will be saved. Delete the game and re-install fixes pretty much any issue I’ve had

Hi Calca,

We’ve had a couple of reports about this, and are currently investigating.

Please drop our support team a line here:

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I’ve deleted it and reinstalled and still can’t play. It throws me back to the store with the gems and skull loading icon but never stops trying to load

Can you get me my in game password?

Do you know how long it’s going to take to get resolved? I’ve tried uninstalled and reinstalling nothing is working

I’ve got the support team looking into your ticket.

I’ve had the exact same issue after purchasing Path To Glory 1. This morning marks exactly one week. Support has been, at best, insufficient with slow and cryptic responses. Last response wanted to know if I wanted the Path To Glory applied to a different account, which to me implies that my Android account is unrecoverable.

So at this point I’ve nit only been unable to play at all for a week, I’ve been unable to use the items I’ve paid for (don’t even know if I’m getting them), I’ve lost multiple daily rewards through no fault of my own, and I’ll now start losing Guild Rewards because they’re going to expire.

Oh… and I have no real chanve of getting this weeks event troops necause I can’t play through no fault of my own.

I’m not sure which package I purchased but all I know is its was $25! I got responses ļast night saying my account was fixed I uninstalled, reinstalled … waited NOTHING! This is utter BS ! I haven’t been able to play since 12/31 and a quick as I’m responding to you is how quick ice responded to them. They take about 8 hours to respond back! I’m completely frustrated

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I’ve uninstalled Gow and have been playing puzzle quest 2. Sane concept except you can steal goblin and train them for your squad it’s pretty cool!

Well… @Nimhain had my account working for a few minutes. Then it broke again and I’m right back to staring at a loading circle on the Gems tab of the store.

I figured out how to get my account back! But I never received my package.

But Mgla here’s what you need to do. Remove your Google play account from your phone or device. Uninstall the game and reinstall it. Go through the level one tutorial. Then link your account. I now need to charge back my phone for the two purchases I bought but it is up and running. Let me know if you need help I’ll try to explain it better

I got it working. I linked it to Steam and after I logged in using Steam, it startibg workingvon Android.

Issue resolved. Thank you @Nimhain for your help.

Glad to hear it’s resolved.

Sorry it took us a while, unfortunately holidays meant less people in the office who could help with this.

@nimhain while I am back to playing I still have not received the two packs I was charged for. Please advise on the status of either a refund or when they will appear

Can you send a copy of the receipt to your support ticket?

Once the team has that, they should be able to send you the missing purchases.

@nimhain attached…again

Cheers, I’ll make sure that gets sorted.

@Nimhain could you provide some insight on what went wrong? It doesn’t have to be extreme details. I work in tech support, so we’re limited to “server issue”, “software issue”, “Gremlins”