Game wont open on android

I downloaded gems of war on my phone. I opened the game and theres only a black screen. Then the game closes after a few seconds. I tried clearing my phone’s cache and freeing up space. It doesnt work so I went online for a solution. I cant find anything similar to my problem so I created an account here to talk about my problem. I am now playing the game on steam on my pc because Im bored.

Heres my phone’s specs:
oppo a37
2gb ram
android 5.1
and I have 4 gb free storage out of my 16 gb.

I hope this info helps to find answers for my problem and to anyone who has the same problem as me.


Your device seems to be quite under the recommended requirement for playing GoW on android: CPU: Snapdragon 429 Quad Core 1.8 GHz, GPU: Adreno 504 or equivalent.

Your mobile has: CPU Snapdragon 410 Quad-core 1.2 GHz, GPU: Adreno 306.

My very best bet is that your GPU (in additional to the other low specs) is too bad to even be possible to play GoW in 2022, therefor you see a black screen when you are trying to play it.


Android 5.1 is also an 7-8 year old operating system.

By google the recommended requirement is at least Android 5 so he fullfills it.

Thanks for the explanation. Well Im just gonna play gems of war on pc until I get a better phone. Do I need to spend hours in game everyday or just check in for 10-30 minutes to do some grinding/dailies because I dont have much time to play on pc?

It depends on the guilds requirements. If you are in no guild or in a guild with not much requirement you can just play a little. Depends on your goals as well.

My steam account is still on the very early game and I havent join a guild yet. What should I do if theres a huge guild requirement and I dont have enough time to play on pc?

There is guilds with all kind of requirements.


The play store should of prevented your ability to download the game due to GoW no longer working on it.

That should be the case. Dunno why I can still see gow on the playstore of my phone.

I had apps that I could download and install but not open. The play store mystery…

GoW can run on Android 5.1. I have it working on a similar phone to OP. It loads real slow but it’s good enough for collect tributes.