Android support for LG G3


Dear Support team,
I remember that on the old forum there was a topic related to Android support for some smartphones. The issue was that you need more testing to be done on LG G3 to be able to release in Google play.

Is there any way how I can participate? I would like to play Gems of War on my LG G3 but it seem like forever to release support for this one.

Some of users already confirmed that game worked fine on their LG G3 phone in past.

Thank you.


Hi Orbin,

The team is still working on the latest patch which these compatibility issues will be resolved in. While the game did work in some cases, there was a couple of nasty crashes in there, so it wasn’t the most reliable experience. Thanks for your patience while we work on these issues :slight_smile:


I understand that the game might be unstable. Can you describe more what is meant by nasty crashes?
If it means that game shuts down from time to time but it doesn’t cause loose of items or cads just some gold due to connection lost, this is something I can live with for a while. I guess that other players too. The thing is that the android compatibility issues takes a long time to fix and I completely understand that this is not a top priority for the team.
It helps a lot to players to be able to stay connected even on the vacation and keep a dayly bonuses etc.
If there is an option to help with the beta testing and providing feedback on LG G3 I am your man :smile:
My LG G3 has the Android version 5.0, core version 3.4.0.



I can now play on my LG G3. Thank you.
Finally, I can collect tributes at work :sunglasses: