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Always buffing cards

OK question…I thought the purpose of the game is strategy and trying to figure best teams. Not that I am a fan when it was Justice and all but legit ppl worked it out. How come everyone someone rolls out a team GOW ends up nerfing the characters?? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of using your skill and wit about you???

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I think strategy is more foreseeing luck when matching gems and keep your fingers crossed at the right places.
Just so you have your troops charged faster than your opponent.

Don’t know about best teams.
If one troop is nerfed some other takes its place.

I have been asking that question since i joined the boards… I am at a loss tho and i dont recommend following that line of questioning because it will make many people hate you…



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Oh wow…hate is strong word for a legitimate question. Surely we have
better gamers out there that think like wise. If not then I’ll be hated
quickly wich happens…

There are plenty of people that have voiced dislikes of some nerfs. I’m one of them. So, don’t worry about giving your opinion about it.

Welcome to the forum, btw. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for welcome and feed back…I just figured it is/was legit
question. :wink:

It is a legit question, for sure.

As I see it, the game has a power creep issue. Often, the devs use the nerf hammer to deal with the most egregious OP troops. I’d prefer if they did better QA (with testing that evaluates end game as well as low and middle) so that really bad, ridiculous OP troops are never released. Also, I’d love if they did more broad buffing of old troops that have fallen far behind the current GoW power/stat curve.

I mean there are old epics and legendary cards that don’t hold a candle to some current ultra rare cards. That’s just ludicrous.